Barker Adoption Foster Care ConferenceBarker’s highly-regarded annual adoption and foster care conference in the Washington, DC area offers the opportunity to hear from some of the nation’s leading adoption experts, as well as from all members of the adoption circle about their experiences with, and strategies for, managing issues and events throughout the adoption journey. 

Get more information about Barker's 23rd Annual Foster Care and Adoption Conference on Saturday, March 17th, 2018 

Past Conference themes include:

  • My Family is My Family: From Ambivalence to Acceptance (2017)
  • Connected Lives: A Complex Privilege for the Family of Adoption (2016)
  • The Commitment of a Lifetime: The Adoption Journey (2015)
  • In Our Own Voices: Adoptees and Foster Youth Speak Out - Round Two (2014)
  • The Modern Family of Adoption: How far have we come & what does the future hold? (2013)
  • The Ordinary, Extraordinary Experience of Adoptive Parenting (2012)
  • Turning Points: Transitions Throughout the Lifetime of Adoption (2011)
  • From Patches to Quilt: The Joys and Challenges of Complex Blended Families (2010)