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We have been blessed to serve as cradle care parents for Barker.  It is hard to believe that ten newborn babes have graced our home.  We came to the Barker Adoption Foundation with experience raising our own five children and briefly with another adoption agency that is no longer in the business.  We underwent an extensive vetting process and met initial and continuing training requirements before commencing our service here.  

When a baby comes into our lives, it usually begins with a phone call from Beth Kirby.  Sometimes there is advance notice, but more often than not, we hear a day or two before.  Often we meet the child for the first time with the mother who is saying her goodbyes and it is understandably an emotional experience and evidence that the decision to make an adoption plan is never a light or easy one.  

We have also had premature babies.  When that happens, we go to the NICU every day, just as if she (or he) belonged to us and hold them as much as possible so she knows from the start that she is safe and loved.

When the baby comes home, once again, she is treated in every way as our own.  We're both retired and so we can double-team our babies and we spoil them rotten.  During the cold and flu season, we are more cautious about who can hold them, but aside from that, we take them everywhere; to church, for a picnic in the park, and even to a museum.  Close friends and family are always excited when we have a new baby in the house and want to come visit.  

The most frequent question we get about our role as cradle care parents is about how hard it must be to "give them up".   Honestly, it is hard, because of the immediate attachment that babies make with us.  Two things make the parting bearable.  One is the palpable joy on placement day when we bring the baby into a room at Barker to meet their "forever family" for the first time, or to return baby to her mother or father who have determined they are able to parent their child.  The other is the generosity of adoptive parents in staying in touch with occasional photos and reports.  In a few cases, we have become very close to the families and count several of our babies as honorary grandchildren.  Our lives have been immeasurably enriched by the newborn children who have come into our lives through Barker and we will always be grateful to have played a part in their adoption journey.

If you (or a loved one is) are pregnant and considering adoption, we invite you to contact a Barker pregnancy counselor anytime, 24/7, when you are ready to talk.

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