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March 1, 2017
Jennifer, Barker Parent
On an otherwise uneventful Friday in late November 2015, I opened my email to find a message about a little boy from Ann Morrison, the director of the domestic adoption program at Barker. He was two years old, had big beautiful eyes, lived in China, and was diagnosed with hemophilia. My husband and I were approved and waiting for a domestic adoption match, but Ann knew that our hearts were pulling us toward adopting a toddler and Barker was hoping to find that little boy’s family quickly due to his medical needs, so she sent us a little information just in case.
February 22, 2017
Alex Williams, MSW - Outreach and Program Support Specialist, Project Wait No Longer
Watch the story of how Alexandre and Franciso, adoptive parents from Brazil, found themselves adopting a sibling group of three boys. While they were originally searching for  one child under the age of six, after meeting siblings Patrick (12), Pablo (9), and Gabriel(6), Alexandre and Francisco couldn't adopt just one of them. In Brazil, many children who are "mixed race" are considered un-adoptable and additionally, like the United States, children over the age of six are less likely to be adopted.
January 23, 2017
Varda Makovsky, Director or Family & Post Adoption Services
We advise anyone who is interested in adoption to see the movie “Lion.” There are many beautiful (and wrenching) aspects of this movie, but one of the aspects we found especially poignant was how technology and the internet can affect adoption.
December 23, 2016
Alex Williams, MSW - Outreach and Program Support Specialist, Project Wait No Longer
One unique aspect of adopting an older child is the fact that your child will have connections and relationships with other adults who may have acted in the role of a parent, whether it be a biological, foster, or adoptive parent. In a time of stress, it is a very real possibility that your child will utter the phrases "You're not my real mom or dad" or "I'd rather live with my real family". As a parent, this can sting, but it is important to be prepared to respond in a way that offers support and puts your child's needs before your feelings. 
December 21, 2016
Andrea, Adoptive Mother
Three years ago, my husband and I started the adoption process.  I distinctly remember the information session we attended on December 7, 2013.  I still have my information packet with hand written notes about the different programs!  As I sat in a room with approximately 40 other people, I quickly realized that the adoption process was just that, a process.  I also quickly understood why it was a process; these children deserve every background check, finger print, and home inspection asked of us.   
November 28, 2016
Kate Simpson, Family Specialist
There are a lot of reasons why expectant parents find themselves considering adoption. Unplanned pregnancies may happen during a time when parents can’t financially afford to parent a new child. Pregnancies may happen during a time when expectant parents know that they are not emotionally or logistically ready to provide the environment their baby deserves. Sometimes expectant parents may have been planning to raise their baby, but during the pregnancy life circumstances change and leave them feeling unable to do so.
November 16, 2016
Stephany West, Program Assistant
When thinking what our domestic infant team could do to help honor Adoption Month, we decided to shine some light on those who work silently and tirelessly behind the scenes – hospital staff. So we decided to deliver baskets of goodies for those who staff the hospitals, pregnancy centers, and clinics that we work with in Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia.
October 14, 2016
Varda Makovsky - Director, Family and Post Adoption Services
I found the following article, DNA’s new ‘miracle’: How adoptees are using online registries to find their blood relatives, on the front page of the Washington Post Thursday morning very interesting.
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