February 25, 2015
This story, From Foster Care to Freshman Year, was covered by NPR in early January. It sat at the back of my mind for a few weeks as I thought about my role as an adoption professional. The fact that 20,000 children are aging out of foster care each year continues to fuel my passion to recruit, license and train more pre-adoptive families who are committed to adopting older youth from the foster care system.
January 27, 2015
Link: Family's holiday card goes viral for all the right reasons
January 13, 2015
Our first PRIDE session of 2015 is filling up quickly! If you are considering adopting an older child from the foster care system, register for PRIDE with The Barker Adoption Foundation today! If you have additional questions please contact us at 301-664-9664. Register Here: http://events.constantcontact.com/register/event?llr=6cymg5cab&oeidk=a07...
December 19, 2014
Of course one of the movies I am so excited to see this holiday season is the new ANNIE. I have spoken to several families who have adopted through our program who are also interested in bringing their kids to see the movie.
December 3, 2014
Link: ‘I’ve always wanted a place to call home’Last year PWNL worked tirelessly to recruit a  family for a  teen mother in the DC foster care system. Unfortunately, we were unable to find a good match for this amazing young woman but we all celebrated this week when we learned that she was being adopted! Congratulations to Jamie, her son and their new family!
October 30, 2014
Link: Adoption Month Campaign - Project Wait No Longer
October 23, 2014
Link: Number of US kids in foster care up after long dipThe Department of Health and Human Services have released new data that the number of children in foster care increased slightly last year.The current report shows:
July 30, 2014
10) You are good with kids! 9) Your commitment will help change a child’s future8) Patience and sense of humor are two of your greatest strengths.7) You have a heart that his bigger than your home.6) Reaching out to others seems natural to you.5) You have an extra bedroom (or two) that you would rather use for a child or sibling group than another storage room or office.4) You know how important it is to be apart of a family.3) You are ready to accept the challenge of parenting a special child or sibling group.