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December 23, 2015
Erica Seivright-Potts, LGSW, Pregnancy Counselor
Grief is real – even during the holidays……
December 18, 2015
Anna Beers, Program Assistant, Project Wait No Longer
December 16, 2015
Erica Seivright-Potts, LGSW, Pregnancy Counselor
Open adoption happens when potential birth parents/family and prospective adoptive families have personal contact with each other. Conversely, a closed adoption occurs when the adoptive family and birth mother and/or birth father choose not to have contact prior to or after the placement of the child.  In an open adoption, the identities of all parties are known. Open adoption communication and contact agreements differ from one family to another -- and may even change over time -- and generally include letters, e-mails, and/or visits.  
December 16, 2015
Surina Amin, LGSW - Outreach Coordinator, Project Wait No Longer
This past weekend, Barker was proud to be the Gold Sponsor at the Adoption and Foster Care Expo held at the Carnegie Library in Washington, DC.  This was an extremely successful collaborative event that drew over 200 attendees who were interested in learning more about the process of becoming adoptive or foster parents. The goal of the Adoption and Foster Care Expo is to provide an exclusive “one-stop shop” experience for prospective parents to interact with adoptees, adoption professionals and current foster and adoptive parents.
December 14, 2015
On Friday, we thanked our Cradle Care Parents with our annual holiday luncheon! We are so grateful for our amazing Cradle Care Parents and all that they do to give babies a loving start.  When a baby is in their home, they care for the child, and advocate for them, as if he, or she, were their own.
December 8, 2015
Lisa Hughes, LCSW-C, Family Specialist and Erica Seivright-Potts, LGSW, Pregnancy Counselor
As adoption professionals, we have to remember that not everyone is familiar with positive and current adoption language. However, we still cringe a little when we hear “give up for adoption” when referring to an adoption plan.
December 4, 2015
Betty Betz, International Programs Case Manager
In November, a group of 8 doctors and residents from Riley International Adoption Clinic and Indiana University School of Medicine traveled to China to spend some time at Barker’s partnership orphanages. The doctors visited with children from 4 orphanages and performed developmental assessments and care plans for over 100 children.
December 4, 2015
Anna Beers
This November, in honor of National Adoption Month, Project Wait No Longer hosted an essay contest for children adopted through PWNL and their siblings. We were eager to hear directly from the kids and teens, and wow, did we receive some great entries! We are so proud of everyone who entered, and are excited to share the winning essays with you.  Congratulations to Meghan, Age 10, winner in the 10 and under category, and Niko, Age 14, Winner in the 11 and up category! You can read their winning essays below!  
December 1, 2015
Surina Amin, LGSW - Outreach Coordinator, Project Wait No Longer
As we culminate adoption month it gives us a great opportunity to reflect on various areas of adoption. One of the most vital voices of adoption comes from adopted persons. Buzzfeed recently released a video where adopted persons share their perspective “I’m Adopted, but I’m Not…”