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Children enter the foster care system for various reasons, but one thing remains the that makes them feel. Entering the foster care system greatly impacts children's self-worth and self-image as they are constantly filled by internal feelings of unworthiness, not being loved, feeling forgotten and scared because of their ever changing circumstances. 


This video created by AdoptUsKids is a first hand view of what children experience when entering foster care, their fears and worries. 


Nationally, according to the Adoption and Foster Care Analysis and Reporting System (AFCARS), the most recent data indicates that 428,000 children are in the foster care systemwhich is an increase from previous years. While we have seen a decrease in the DMV regional area within the last 8 years, there is still a pressing need to find forever families for these amazing children waiting. Last year the number of children that aged out (243) almost made up the number of children who were adopted (244). Older children still make up the majority of children in foster care, 56% are 11 and older and are at greater risk of staying in the foster care system until they age out at 18. These children often miss key/basic moments in their lives that are a part of growing up....holidays, birthday celebrations, SATs, prom, a shoulder to cry on when their hearts feel heavy, and the simplicity of knowing what a secure life feels like by knowing someone has their back and isn't going anywhere. That is the most important thing any child needs. 

PWNL- Older Child Adoption from foster care constantly seeks to find and match amazing families for these equally amazing children. Adoption is a beautiful journey filled with many ups and downs, but one thing remains clear, every child deserves a family....every child deserves a champion. If you or someone you know is ready to learn more about adopting an older child reach out to our PWNL Outreach & Program Specialist Alex Williams. Family is for a lifetime, and we are ready to walk side by side with you and your family through the process of meeting your child and the years to come. Call us today! 



*We know adoption isn't for everyone, but being a champion for a child is. There are many ways you can help us find forever families or encourage a youth through our Connections Mentorship Program. Give us a call today to find out how!