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You may feel overwhelmed with so much to think about now that you’re pregnant. You may have several questions if you’re considering adoption. Here are some common questions birth parents ask:

Why choose adoption? 

Sometimes, birth parents are not at a point where they are ready to parent a child. As such, providing a stable and loving family for your child may be your first priority. You may consider achieving this through adoption. This decision may be the most courageous and responsible decision you can make for your child.

What are some reasons birth parents choose adoption for their baby?

The reasons birth parents choose adoption can vary widely. Some common reasons are that birth parents may not feel that they are currently financially or emotionally stable enough to parent. They may also have other children and believe all children will suffer if they parent another child.  Additionally, some birth parents are may feel that they are unable to parent a child due to educational and career goals. The most shared reason birth parents have in common is that they want the best for their babies.  And, by the way, often we hear the phrases "give my baby up for adoption" or "put up my baby for adoption" but they are wrong.  Similarly, we hear "unwanted pregnancy" to which we say that perhaps it was not planned or it was unexpected, but "unwanted" suggests not caring, but to consider your pregnancy options or to place a child for adoption is a difficult and selfless choice that birth parents do not consider lightly.

What are my options if I choose adoption?

You have complete control when making an adoption plan. Birth parents are able to select the family for their baby and do so based on different qualities such as religion, race, interests, lifestyle, and more. You will have the option of meeting the families and maintaining ongoing contact with them if you wish. Your adoption plan will be individualized to meet your wants and needs.  Here is a video of Aaren describing her experience with open adoption. 


Does the birth father need to be involved in the adoption planning?

Both birth mothers and fathers have a legal say in the adoption process. Birth fathers do have the right to be involved in the adoption planning process if they wish. Birth fathers can help to select and meet the adoptive family, and maintain ongoing contact through open adoption as well.

Advice for birth fathers:

When can I start making an adoption plan (aka place a baby for adoption)?

It is never too late to make an adoption plan. You can make a plan if it is late in your pregnancy or if have already delivered the baby. Whenever you decide to contact a pregnancy counselor/adoption agency, you will be able to explore your options so that you can make the best plan for yourself and the baby. If you are interested in learning more about your options, text 240-600-1106 or call 1-888-731-6601. No pressure, no judgement, and completely confidential support. 

If you (or a loved one is) are pregnant and considering adoption, we invite you to contact a Barker pregnancy counselor anytime, 24/7, when you are ready to talk.

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