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Did you know that May 5th is Children’s Day in South Korea? Children’s Day originated in the early 1920s by Pang Chong-hwan, a Korean children’s writer. This day first sparked an interest when Mr. Chong-hwan wrote An Open Letter to Adults. This letter states:

“Children are the future of our nation. Let’s show respect for children. Children who grow up with ridicule and contempt from others will become people who disrespect others, while children who grow up with respect from others will become people who respect others in turn” (A Global World).

This day was created with the hope to introduce national pride and independence to the many children of this country.

In 1975, this day became an official national holiday - it serves as a reminder to promote the protection and general welfare of the children in South Korea. This is not only a day for children, more so a day for parents to be celebrated for contributing to the ability to help these children improve their personal lives – to give them love, support, respect and to help them grow.

Needless to say, in South Korea, Children's Day is a big deal and is celebrated by the whole community! Spending time with your child to join in the festivities is a great way to honor his/her birth country and heritage. Here are some fun activities you and your family can do:

1. Read a fun book togetherBee-Bim Bop! by Linda Sue Park takes you on a cooking adventure as you follow a hungry child help her mother prepare delicious Bee-bim bop (the name translates as "mix-mi rice"), a traditional Korean dish of rice topped and then mixed with meat and vegetables. Available on Amazon and AmazonSmile (choosing Barker as your charity of choice, you are able to donate as you shop).

2.  Make a traditional dish like Hoddeok- Hoddeok is a traditional Korean street vendor food. Korean people love to eat this delicious snack, especially in the cold winter. Find the full recipe here


and last but not least...


3. Make plans to stop by The Korean United Methodist Church of Greater Washington will be hosting the Taste of Korea: Food & Cultural Festival on Saturday, May 5th from 9AM to 2PM located at 1219 Swinks Mill Road, McLean, VA 22101, in order to celebrate Children’s Day. You and your family will have the opportunity to try delicious authentic Korean food such as: bulgogi, pot stickers, kimchi, Korean pancakes, bibimbap, japchee and many more! Enjoy traditional Korean dance performances, games for kids of all ages and a rummage sale.

This event is open to all individuals and families, whether you or your child were adopted from Korea or just want to enjoy the festivities - everyone is invited.

RSVP is not required for this event – come and go throughout the day as you please!