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Three years ago, my husband and I started the adoption process.  I distinctly remember the information session we attended on December 7, 2013.  I still have my information packet with hand written notes about the different programs! 

As I sat in a room with approximately 40 other people, I quickly realized that the adoption process was just that, a process.  I also quickly understood why it was a process; these children deserve every background check, finger print, and home inspection asked of us.   

The next six months were filled with paperwork, interviews, and tough decisions.  Before I knew it, we were in the waiting period.  I was so excited, I could hardly sleep!  The first phone call about a potential match didn’t come through for six months.  It was the longest, toughest weekend of my life.  I was waiting on pins and needles wondering, hoping we would be chosen.  There were three potential matches in all, each one making me question my book, my video, and the things that would make someone chose my family. 

The one thing I never questioned was my hope.  Hope is defined as a feeling of expectation and trust.  I trusted the adoption process from day one, yet understood that I needed to prepare my expectations for the actual match.  One of my family members always told me, “one day closer.”  Each day, event, or holiday that was hard, I continued to have hope and remember that I was one day closer to meeting my future child.