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Foster Care Case Workers

What is Project Wait No Longer —Older Child Adoption from Foster Care?

Project Wait No Longer (PWNL) is a unique public-private initiative of The Barker Adoption Foundation. Its goal is to recruit, train and support families committed to adopting older children who are awaiting permanency within the US foster care system. PWNL partners with public child welfare agencies throughout the country, to place waiting children (ages 0-21) from the foster care system, into approved adoptive homes in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Our goal is to locate and approve families who are not only prepared to welcome children into their homes and hearts, but who are also realistic about the challenges that come along with parenting children who have experienced trauma. 

Read more about PRoject Wait No Longer 

Adoption Placement Agencies

Working with an Out-of-Area Domestic or International Agency

The Barker Adoption Foundation has long been recognized for its comprehensive, lifelong services for birth parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents, and for its close collaboration with other adoption agencies around the country.  Barker families can work with placement agencies located outside of the Washington, D.C. area, or attorneys (domestic infant adoption only) while partnering with Barker for adoptive parent education, home study, and post-placement services.  

Our adoptive families are thoroughly screened and well prepared for the adoption journey, whether they are pursuing domestic infant adoption or international adoption.  Our families – domestic and international -- have tremendous respect for birth parents and the courageous and selfless decision they make to trust others to provide for, nurture and unconditionally love their child.

If your agency or law firm (domestic infant adoption only) would like to more about Barker and the support we provide for families who live in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., or if you would like to work with us to share share information about your agency, with our adoptive families, please let us know.

Domestic Infant Adoption Contact
Kate Simpson
phone: 301-664-9664

Visit Barker's Domestic Infant Adoption Program

International Adoption Contact
Lisa Hughes
phone: 301-664-9664

VISIT BARKER'S International Adoption PROGRAM


Adoption Home Study Agencies

Working with Out-of-Area families to Adopt Internationally Through Barker

The Barker Adoption Foundation has a long history of strong partnerships with other nonprofit adoption agencies throughout the United States.  Although we are an agency licensed in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., Barker’s international program staff can work with other agencies in the U.S. on international adoptions, continuing to meet the needs of children and families.  We also ensure that Hague and country requirements, as well as state regulations, are met.  If you are an agency working with an out-of-area family seeking to adopt through one of Barker’s direct international programs (China, Korea, India and Colombia) please contact us for more information on how we can work together. 

Eliza Niemann
phone: 301-664-9664

Visit Barker's International Adoption Program

Hospitals, Health Clinics, Pregnancy Centers

The Barker Adoption Foundation is a licensed adoption placement agency working in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.  If you have a patient who is considering an adoption plan and would like further information, please visit the pregnancy counseling section to learn more about Barker’s approach.  If you wish to refer a patient, Barker’s licensed, experienced counselors are here to listen and help anytime 24/7.  Barker’s services are free.

In addition, Barker is a proud leader in the adoption field and regularly provides in-service trainings at hospitals, clinics, and crisis pregnancy centers. Please contact us if your organization is interested in our Barker staff providing a free training, which includes social work-eligible CEUs.  

Ann Morrison
phone: 301-664-9664

Visit Barker's Pregnancy Counseling Program 

Other Community Professionals

At Barker's Bethesda office, Barker also offers regular in-service trainings for social workers and other professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of and competence in adoption-related issues.   These in service training sessions last between three and six hours depending upon the topic and carry a registration fee.  Some recent trainings have included:  assessing for older child adoption, ethical issues in adoption, HIV and HIPAA compliance issues in adoption.  Please visit the Barker Events Calendar to find upcoming workshops.  Barker also provides customized workshops at schools to educate staff and parents on adoption-related issues, and empower them with knowledge and resources on issues of unique concern to adopted children and adoptive parents.

One of the hallmarks of Barker is our expertise in adoption education. Our highly acclaimed Annual Adoption and Foster Care Conference is widely attended by birth parents, adoptive parents, adult adoptees, adoption professionals and anyone else with an interest in adoption. Featured speakers have included experts in the adoption field such as Joyce Pavao, Adam Pertman, John Raible, Ruth McRoy, Hal Grotevant, Beth Hall, Judy Stigger, David Brodzinsky, Cheri Register and many other knowledgeable and compassionate professionals. Click for more information about the Barker Adoption and Foster Care Conference. 

Kathleen Porter
phone: 301-664-9664