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What do you get when you have a heart that yearns to give and vision? Nala's amazing story of kindness!


Last February, Nala’s school's community service project was to collect backpacks for kids in foster care to be donated to a local organization, After learning about this, Nala’s parents posted a link on their Facebook page on behalf of Nala to help her efforts. Numerous individuals from their community contributed towards the cause. Many people knew Nala's story of joining her family through adoption and were excited to have a tangible way to support her and other children in foster care. With the support of their friends and family, Nala and her mom received enough donations to go shopping together and pick out backpacks, pajamas, shampoo and other items on the list.  They received numerous backpacks and suitcases from donations which then further inspired Nala's class to get in on the drive.  

Nala and her classmates contributed more than any other!  As a school, they collected a total of 50 backpacks to be given to kids in foster care!

The kids were able to line up in front of the whole school and present the backpacks to Vicki Corini, a board member for Comfort Cases. Nala was thrilled that they were able to help and afterward she and her parents were invited to meet with Vicki for a photo opportunity and to learn more about the organization. What a great way for Nala to give back!  At just 8 years old, with the support of her parents, Nala has been able to use her own adoption story to inspire so many kids and families to make a difference. 

Great work, Nala!  We are very proud of the difference that you are making in the world.




Nala was adopted through PWNL in 2015 and has been doing amazing things ever since! To learn about other ways you can make a difference in the lives of foster children visit our PWNL page