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Deciding to adopt a child is a very personal choice with lifelong impact and possibly one of the most important decisions you ever will make.

Nearly as important is choosing the right adoption agency to see you through this journey. You want to feel certain that the agency that you choose will make the effort to truly get to know you, can be trusted to guide and support you, and will be there for you and your family for a lifetime. But beyond all else, you want to feel that the work they do to build and support families is done with passion and for the right reasons instead of for profit.

As the nation’s fourth-oldest adoption agency, The Barker Adoption Foundation:

  • Offers a broad array of infant and older-child domestic and international adoption programs
  • Is regarded as one of the nation’s premier adoption agencies
  • Embraces a life-cycle model of comprehensive services, robust educational programs, and commitment to the highest standards of ethical practice
  • Has knowledge and experience that you can trust

Non-Discrimination Statement: Barker welcomes adoption applications from couples and individuals of all religious and ethnic backgrounds, and all sexual orientations and gender expressions. However, families should be aware that each state has specific adoption legislation and each country has its own legal restrictions on adoption. Barker and our clients must abide by the adoption laws in the state where the family resides or the country from which they are adopting.

To date, Barker has placed more than 7,000 children into the welcoming arms of adoptive parents. Barker offers domestic infant, older child from foster care and international adoption programs.   And Barker would love the opportunity to help guide and support you embark upon the adoption journey.

To get started, we invite you to attend one of our general adoption information meetings, or, if you live out-of-area, send us an email ( or give us a call at 301-664-9664.