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Adoptive FamilyUnder The Barker Adoption Foundation’s In-Area Domestic Adoption Plan, prospective adoptive parents join a group of fellow waiting parents whose profiles are shared with local Washington, D.C., Maryland or Virginia expectant parents working with Barker. 

Barker pregnancy counselors begin working with expectant parents at all stages of their pregnancy and, in some cases, after the birth of their child. Our counselors work closely with expectant or birth parents to help them identify what is most important for them in selecting an adoptive family.

Family Selection

At some point during pregnancy counseling, the Barker counselor will share non-identifying information and a scrapbook or family profile book made by the prospective adoptive families. This step allows expectant parents the opportunity to learn some significant information about your family before deciding whether to meet you. Short family profiles and photos may also be shared online for the same purpose. Most expectant parents want to meet prospective adoptive families, either before delivery or soon after.

Local-area birth parents who make the decision to place their child for adoption are legally provided a period to reflect their decision (known as the revocation period), and often birth parents choose to wait until after this revocation period ends before meeting the selected adoptive parents. Occasionally adoptive parents may be invited to join birth parents in the hospital upon delivery or shortly after.


After placement, adoptive families begin the six-month Post-Placement Supervision and Support period, as required in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Beyond fulfilling the legal requirement, this time also allows adoptive parents to continue to receive valuable professional guidance and support from their Barker social worker. At the end of the post-placement period, adoptive parents must begin the process of finalizing the adoption in court. Barker can refer parents to one of several local attorneys who specialize in adoption.