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Every child has the right to a family. 

Please take a moment to look at the children's information below that are currently in need of a family of their own.  

When The Barker Adoption Foundation receives files of children for placement, we are able to match the majority of those files with families we already have in process. Those children’s information never appears on our website. The children listed below are those that, due to their age or need, we do not currently have a family for. These children are all from China unless otherwise noted.


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   Tammy is an adorable 25 month old girl who has had several surgeries for anal atresia and may benefit from additional surgery once home. She is described as very smart with normal development. She can speak and walk by herself, even upstairs. She loves to dress up and have her hair braided. She likes to hear nursery rhymes and sings “Twinkle    Twinkle Little Star” by herself.

   Here are a couple of videos of Tammy:  and











Tina is a tiny little girl who is almost 3 years old . She was born with cleft lip/palate and supernumerary nostril. She is described as active and able to dress herself. Her caregivers describe her as somewhat introverted, quiet and timid. She is fond of playing games and playing with other children. 

Here is a video of Tina: