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PWNL (Older Child) after hours counselor: 1-888-955-3339


Every child has the right to a family. 

Please take a moment to look at the children's information below that are currently in need of a family of their own.  

When The Barker Adoption Foundation receives files of children for placement, we are able to match the majority of those files with families we already have in process. Those children’s information never appears on our website. The children listed below are those that, due to their age or need, we do not currently have a family for. These children are all from China unless otherwise noted.

For more information please contact bbetz@barkerfoundation.org  



Li is a 4 year old girl that is post-surgery for a congenital left hip dislocation. She also appears to have had hydrocephalus but this has not required treatment.  Li is living with a foster family who reports that she is energetic and likes to go outside and play games. She does walk with a limp and will probably require additional surgery on her hip. You can see a video of her here.



Ying is a 4 year old girl who is post-surgery for a congenital heart defect and also has delayed language. Ying was moved to a care facility in Beijing in order to provide her better care and assessment. Ying also had a head MRI showing a potential diagnosis of cerebral hemisphere hypoplasia.  Since moving into the care facility in Beijing Ying has shown much improvement in language and social skills.



Qiao is a 4 year old girl with physical, mental and language developmental delays.  She can crawl and also walks with one hand held or when holding onto a handrail. She can imitate words and responds when someone asks her for a toy.  She is described as timid and introverted and likes to listen to music as well as hum and dance along with it.  She likes to play with the older children and her favorite doll.  Qiao enjoys playing with the adults in this video:  https://youtu.be/xtKLrd_iCDU



Mei is a 3.5 year old girl with Downs Syndrome and she also lives with a foster family. She likes to play with the other children in the yard and helps her foster mother to put on her clothes. When the foster mother sings, she likes to dance.  Here is short video of Mei.   





Zhu is a precious boy that turns 3 after the first of the year.  He is currently in a foster facility in Beijing and is doing well.  He can walk independently and climb stairs.  He prefers quiet activities such as playing with toys and watching TV.  Zhu was born with a complicated congenital heart defect. The care facility that he is at now is arranging for a surgery in Beijing.

You can see a video of Zhu here:  https://youtu.be/YSLubyDwXjE





Zhen just turned 10 after the first of the year.  He is current living in a foster home in Beijing where he quickly adjusted and reports that he likes it there. He is also to have a family of his home and hopes that can be adopted by loving parents. Zhen has thalassemia and does best with regular transfusions.  He has started attending school and loves studying and learning. He is described as very smart, gregarious, clever and polite. He has good language skill, likes to do crafts, read books and listen to music. Along with his other skills, Zhen appears to be a very good driver:   https://youtu.be/rzi45pKrgkg





Feng is an adorable just-turned 8 year old girl with an infectious smile. Feng hopes to some day have the warmth of a family all her own. Feng cannot walk but she can get on and off of her bike and pedal around the orphanage on it.  When not on the bike she pulls herself around with her arms and can pull herself up into a chair as well as up the stairs.  The US doctors that saw her recently felt like she might be able to walk with a surgery to her hamstrings as well as physical therapy.

Feng is described as smart and can sometimes be stubborn. She likes to play games with the other children, gets along well with her peers, is competitive and likes to wear colorful clothes.

You can see Feng in her Princess outfit being examined by the doctors here: