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24/7 Crisis Pregnancy ONLY Hotline for Maryland/Virginia/DC:+1-888-731-6601 or TEXT: 240-600-1106

PWNL (Older Child) after hours counselor:+1-888-955-3339


Older child adoption may not be a good fit for everyone; however, there are ways that everyone can help the 100,000+ children who are waiting in the foster care system.

You can help by doing any of the following:

  • Connecting Project Wait No Longer-Older Child Adoption from Foster Care (PWNL) staff with your local house of worship (church, temple, mosque, etc.), where we can share information about older child adoption and profiles of currently waiting children.
  • Posting flyers, posters, and brochures in your local community (schools, libraries, doctors’ offices, nail shops, etc.) to help get the word out about older child adoption. Or do this “virtually” by sharing information from The Barker Adoption Foundation’s social media pages, like Facebook and the Barker Blog.
  • Connecting our PWNL staff to your community groups (support groups, Rotary Clubs, fraternities, book clubs, PTA groups, etc.) so that we can schedule a time to present information about older child adoption.
  • Hosting a Barker representative at your workplace to share information about older child adoption.
  • Donating to Barker. The cost of running PWNL is largely subsidized by donations and grants. Your donation will go a long way toward helping a waiting child experience a permanent and loving family.

If you are interested in helping PWNL share information about children waiting in the foster care system, please contact Outreach and Program Support Specialist Alex Williams at or by calling 301-664-9664.