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Barker Adoption Foundation in CommunityOne of The Barker Adoption Foundation’s hallmarks is its commitment to post-adoption services.  Our services do not end when a child is placed with a family, for we recognize that adoption is a lifelong journey, with normal developmental challenges and tasks.   An increasing body of literature supports the idea that post-adoption supports and services serve to strengthen families created through adoption.  Barker is committed to providing these supports and education to all members of the adoption circle:  adopted persons, birth parents, and adoptive parents.

Barker’s Family and Post-Adoption Services Department provides an array of services, including: 

  • Individual counseling, through which therapists and counselors with extensive experience in adoption provide either ongoing or brief counseling to adopted persons, adoptive parents, and birth parents
  • Facilitated support and discussion groups for all members of the adoption circle-- full details appear here
  • Educational programming for adults and children - click here for a list of upcoming workshops and registration information 
  • Intermediary services for birth parents and adoptive parents in open and semi-open adoption arrangements
  • Provision of non-identifying social and medical history reports
  • Search and reunion services for birth parents and adults adopted through Barker
  • A highly respected annual adoption and foster care conference that is open to adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents, professionals, and anyone else touched by adoption
  • Community and school education programs to build greater awareness and understanding about adoption-related issues
  • Homeland tour to Colombia geared toward teens and young adult adoptees traveling together with their parents
  • Homeland tour to Korea geared towards teens and younger adopted children travelling together with their parents. 

Barker’s post-adoption services are available to all touched by adoption. You are welcome to use Barker’s counseling services and groups and to participate in any of the workshops and educational programs offered through Barker regardless of whether your adoption experience was with Barker or another agency.

    For more information about specific services, fees, and educational opportunities available to you or a loved one, please visit the other pages in this section. Please also check Barker’s Event Calendar for the latest updates.

    Also, if you are connected with Barker but you don't think we have your latest information and/or, you'd like to receive updates about relevant events, groups and workshops, please share your information with us. For more information, please contact the Family and Post-Adoption Services Department at 301-664-9664 or by email at