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The Barker Adoption Foundation’s Family and Post-Adoption Services Department offers a variety of services specifically geared to adult adoptees.   Whether or not your adoption was through Barker, adoptees older than 18 are all welcome to attend our Adopted Persons Group, or to request individual counseling from Barker social workers, all of whom have extensive experience working with all members of the adoption circle.

Individual Consultation

Every adoptee has his or her own unique feelings about being adopted. For some, feelings about adoption may periodically arise, yet generally remain “back burner” issues in their lives. For others, feelings about adoption can be more complex or dominant.

Barker’s experienced counselors are available to provide brief or longer term individual counseling and support on a variety of issues that may arise. Adoptees have found Barker’s counseling helpful as they explore their adoptive identity, seek to understand how adoption may affect identity, understand loss and intimacy, examine relationships with family and friends, and navigate the complexities of the search and reunion process.  

Adult Adoptees Discussion Group

Barker facilitates a monthly discussion group for adopted adults to explore adoptive identity and issues of common interest. Participants who either are considering or are in the search and reunion process have found the group to be a supportive peer framework for learning from the experiences of others, exploring and sharing new ideas, and processing feelings and emotions. The group is open to any adopted adult regardless of the agency that they were adopted through. It is facilitated by a Barker social worker who is also an adopted adult. The group meets the third Thursday of every month from 7:30 to 9 p.m. at Barker’s Bethesda office, or check out Barker’s Events Calendar

Provision of Non-Identifying Social and Medical History Information

Adults who were adopted through Barker may request non-identifying background information that is contained in their files. A summary of non-identifying information can be shared in a written report that is prepared by a Barker agency social worker. Depending on the amount of information in the file, this may include medical information, social history, circumstances of birth parents at the time of placement, birth history, foster home information, and information related to contact, if any, received from the birth parent since placement.  

Search and Reunion Services

Adults who were adopted through Barker may ask to initiate a search process to seek out birth parents and determine whether they are interested in contact. Please contact the Family and Post-Adoption Services Department at 301-664-9664 or for more information. 

Annual Conference

Barker’s highly regarded annual adoption and foster care conference in the Washington, D.C., area offers the opportunity to hear from some of the nation’s leading adoption experts and from all members of the adoption circle about their experiences navigating the adoption journey. Adopted adults have found the conference to be helpful in exploring adoptive identity, learning about the experiences of others in search and reunion, hearing about the latest trends in adoption, and networking with other adult adoptees. 

Maintaining Contact with Barker

Barker strongly encourages any adult who was adopted through Barker to make certain that Barker has current and updated contact information. You may provide your current contact information here. This information will remain confidential and will not be released without written permission and authorization. Yet it is very helpful in the event that a birth parent contacts the agency and initiates a search; your contact information enables us to communicate with you and ascertain your desire to take next steps in opening an adoption. You may send updated contact information by email to