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Barker’s prospective adoptive families are a diverse group of individuals and couples who are ready and excited to lovingly welcome a child into their family.

All of our families are local (Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, D.C.), feel adoption is a wonderful way to create their family and are extensively trained and thoroughly screened to make certain they can provide a nurturing, safe, and stable home. 

When expectant parents are at the point at which they wish to consider adoptive families, the pregnancy counselor help to identify the qualities most important to expectant parents in the adoptive family they select and then they will share a selection of family profile books created by families who may fit the criteria and the values that the expectant parents identified. 

Here are some of the remarkable individuals and families who are ready to love and parent through adoption.

Meet Our Families

Gary and Shannon

Gary and Shannon - ready to adopt baby infant Congratulations on your placement!

Hello!  Thanks for taking the time to learn a little about us.  We are Shannon and Gary, and we are excited to start our family through adoption. We were high school sweethearts, and have been married for six years.  Shannon has a great job in healthcare, and Gary is a math and science teacher, who will become a stay-at-home dad when we adopt. If you decide that we are the family where your child belongs, here is what we can promise: a home in a great, multicultural neighborhood – with lots of love, laughter, and learning; wonderful grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to grow up with; and a multilingual household (si el niño fuera latino, nos importaria hablar español). We know this is a difficult decision, and that you only want the best for your child. You have the ability to provide a precious gift to a family, and we appreciate you considering us.

Drew and Allie

Allie and Drew - ready to adopt an infant baby

Hi and thanks for reading our profile! Our names are Allie (Mama), Drew (Dada), and Hannah and our hearts are with you as you consider adoption and imagine us as a part of your life and family. Allie and Drew fell in love in college, dated for 8 years and have been married for three. Allie is a Physician Assistant and Drew is a pastor. Hannah was born in 2014. She loves reading, being silly, and seriously loves other kids--especially babies. We think she is excellent big sister material. We love to spend lots of time together and with other family and friends. Whether playing outside, making music, reading or cooking, we usually do it together and end up rolling on the floor laughing. We care a lot about each other as well as our neighbors. We are trying to build a family that practices mercy, peace, justice, and love; and we feel ready to welcome your child into our family, our home, our community, and our life. 

Kyle and Lamika

kyle and lamika ready to adopt infant baby

Hello from Kyle and Lamika. We have been happily married since 2009 and are excited about becoming first-time parents. Since we were dating, we always envisioned a family to include children. We both work in Human Resources for the federal government in Baltimore, and we have a passion for helping others. We live in Baltimore County, in a very safe and quiet neighborhood with excellent schools around us. Our home is already a home full of love, laughter and smiles, and we hope to add a precious child to our loving environment. Outside of work, we love to travel, spend time with family, watch DIY shows on television, and cooking together! We understand this may be a difficult decision for you, but please know that you would be helping us grow our family, should you choose this route. We both feel that we have what it takes to nurture a child, and we hope that child will be yours!

Brenda and Tilla

Brenda and Tilla

Greetings, from Brenda and Tilla! We are a bilingual, loving couple, and we just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! What drew us together is that we are both compassionate, and we believe in unconditional love. Tilla is an international economist and Brenda is a pediatric occupational therapist. From the beginning, we have wanted children, and we are eagerly awaiting a special little person to join our family. A child in our home will grow up surrounded with joy, laughter, lots of love, literature, bike rides, swimming, art and music from different countries, enjoying meals together, and spending time with caring friends, nieces, nephews, cousins, aunties and uncles. We would love nothing more than to open our hearts and our homes to a child. Their adoption story is something that we will share with them, and they will grow up knowing their birth family and us. If you choose, we promise to keep in touch with you through pictures, updates, and visits. Thank you for considering us as loving parents for your child.


jenny - ready to adopt baby infant

I am fortunate to have lived a life of adventure and career opportunities. But, I have reached a point where I want to share my life and I excitedly look forward to welcoming a child into my family. My family is very close and a huge part of my life, as they will be for my child. I come from a family where adoption is not unusual and I embrace an open adoption. I will do my very best to raise your child to know what it is to be loved, respected, nurtured, and supported through the good times and difficult so that they can live lives of dignity and to their fullest potential. I will encourage and support him or her to follow their passion, have every opportunity I can possibly provide, and give your child the love, capability and courage to seek out a life with deep meaning and satisfaction. Thank you for considering including me in this most difficult of decisions. If you have any questions or want to meet me, I would be honored and thrilled. I have complete respect for you and your decision, you are in my heart and I wish you all the best.

Viet and Avery

viet and avery ready to adopt baby infant

Hello, We are Avery and Viet. We’ve been together for more than 13 years -- and one year as a married couple! Together, we’ve traveled the world and grown closer over the years. We have always wanted to grow our family and look forward to giving a child a happy and stable home. Avery can’t wait to teach a child to bake and read stories. Viet can’t wait to teach a child to ride a bike and play with legos. We live in a quiet, safe, neighborhood with good schools and plenty of parks and space for a child to play. Avery works for a nonprofit that supports solar energy, and Viet helps whistleblowers keep their jobs. We enjoy getting together often with our families and small nieces and nephews to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and many other fun occasions. Most of all, we look forward to giving a child our unconditional love and support. We hope your child will receive that love whatever decision you make.

Dave and Lynn

We fell in love while working with kids. As teachers for over a decade, we have spent countless hours challenging, helping, loving and supporting our students. We cannot wait to do the same as we welcome a child into our family. We are excited to swim and tube on our first trip to the lake. We are eager to celebrate together at basketball games or cheer as they score a goal in soccer. We are anticipating weekly walks to spot the elusive frogs that sing beautifully near our home. We are prepared to dance like nobody's watching at every future family celebration. We are primed to read books. Lots and lots of books. Most importantly, we cannot wait to discover new adventures as we follow our child’s passions. We look forward to every moment as parents; to share those moments with our friends and family. We cannot thank you enough for considering us as parents. We recognize an extremely difficult decision is ahead of you and appreciate the thoughtfulness and love you have already shown your child by even pondering adoption. No matter what you choose, your child will be loved.

Chris and Christine

chris and christine ready to adopt baby

Thank you for taking a look at our profile and considering us as adoptive parents. We realize this is a hard decision and thank you for considering adoption. We both have been married for three years but known each other for five. When we got married each of us believed we had truly found their soul mate. We both come from families and parents with strong loving partnerships and know what a pivotal role this played in the success of our marriage. This is our first adoption. If we are fortunate enough we hope your child will be joined by other siblings through adoption as well. It’s important to us that any child of ours understands their story and never feels the place they came from is a mystery. We not only want them to feel comfortable with how our family came to be but you to also rest assured that you made the right decision and your child is loved and well cared for. We love to take pictures (especially Christine!) and write. We hope you’ll enjoy receiving them as much as we’ll enjoy making them

Jim and Alisa

Jim and Alisa ready to adopt infant baby Congratulations on your placement!

Hello, we are Alisa and Jim!  We live in northern Virginia with our dog, Drake.  We met in college, have been happily married for 8 years, and are so excited to start our family through adoption.  With the support of our amazing friends and family, we are truly looking forward to the challenges and rewards of being parents!  As parents, we will: make education a top priority; encourage curiosity and creativity; support their interests in sports, music, games, and hobbies; teach love and respect for others; play, laugh and have fun; travel to exciting places; and surround your child with our loving family and wonderful friends (who are an extended family to us!).  We are open to maintaining an ongoing relationship with you, and will raise your child with an awareness and appreciation of your sacrifice and the incredible love you have for him or her.  Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us during what we realize may be a very challenging time -- we wish you and your baby all the best!

Andy and Norma

Andy and Norma - family ready to adopt baby infant

Hi, we're Andy and Norma! Norma grew up in Virginia, was an elementary school teacher, and now teaches preschool, volunteers, and is also a stay at home mom. Andy is the first person in his family to be born in the United States. His family is originally from El Salvador. He is a software engineer. We met in college and share a love of hiking, biking, reading sci-fi/ fantasy books, exploring history through museums and documentaries, and cooking and eating good food. Over the last sixteen years we've had lots of adventures together, but our coolest and sweetest adventure is being parents to our two children. Our family has grown in a happy and unconventional way, and we wouldn't change a thing! We became adoptive parents in 2012, when we fell hopelessly in love with our newborn daughter the moment her birthparents gently placed her in our arms. Two years later, we were overjoyed to give birth to our son and introduce him to his big sister. We've always dreamed of having a large family, and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our next little one through adoption! We wish all birthparents peace, health and comfort as they navigate all that is involved in considering an adoption plan for their child.

Rachel and Eliza

Rachel and Eliza - parents ready to adopt infant baby

Hi there, we are Rachel and Eliza, and we can't wait to welcome your child into our home alongside our two cats and silly dog. We met in college over 11 years ago, and have been married for six years. We have moved all around the east coast together and are so happy to finally be settled down in a diverse and walkable neighborhood in Washington, DC. We are fortunate to be working at jobs that we are passionate about and living in our own little rowhouse with family and friends nearby. We love spending time outdoors and around the water, cooking and eating great food, traveling to see friends and family and new places, and just lying in the grass and telling stories. As a same-sex couple, we have always known that we would need to carefully consider how and when to build our family. As we learned more about adoption, we knew that it was the right choice for us. If it’s the right choice for you, know that with us your child will be deeply loved and will be taught above all else to be kind and loving in the world. We wish you all the best in your journey.

Jason and Jermain

Jason and Jermain - ready to adopt infant baby

Hello from Jason and Jermain! We want to thank you for taking time to read about us and learn about our family. We recognize how special this time is in your life and respect the decision you ultimately make concerning your child. We strongly believe that, in time, the child we are meant to parent will find his or her way into our hearts and home. We first met in Baltimore in 2007 and married in 2014. We knew early on that we wanted to become parents and hope to grow our family through the magic of adoption. Jason is an elementary school music teacher and Jermain works full-time in finance for a private university while working part-time as a yoga instructor at a neighborhood studio. Should you decide to place your child with us, know that he or she will be welcomed into a warm, fun-filled home in a diverse neighborhood surrounded by art, large parks and high-quality schools and medical facilities. Our strong connection with family and friends is one of our greatest support systems as we continue our adoption journey. Thank you once again for considering us. We wish you peace, love and understanding in your decision.

Bill and Jen

Hello! We’re Bill and Jen and have been happily married for 8 years after meeting in college. We want you to know that we will provide a loving, stable and safe home and offer a lifetime of opportunities to your child. Bill is an engineer, a big sports fan, and loves to BBQ on the back deck. Jen works from home as a writer and loves cooking, and hosting family and friends. We have two snuggly rescue pups, who love kids, napping and treats. Our home is a joyful place with plenty of room to welcome a child. It’s full of love, baked goods, and visits from our close-knit family and friends. We make sure to laugh every day, keep learning, say “I love you” often, and always make time for family dinner. Adoption is valued and respected in our circle of support which includes friends and family who were adopted and who adopted their children. We are grateful to loving mothers like you who are willing to consider making the selfless decision to make an adoption plan for your baby. You'd be our hero as you make our dreams of being parents come true. 

Amanda and Jurry

Amanda and JurryCongratulations on your placement!

Hello from Amanda and Jurry. Thank you for taking the time to consider us! We understand that you have a very difficult and personal decision to make in respect to what is best for you and your child. We believe adoption is a wonderful way to grow our family, and if you want, we would love to have you as part of our family. We have relatives who joined our families through adoption, including two of Jurry's sisters. Our wish is to raise a happy and healthy child surrounded by family, love, and faith. Our nieces and nephews are our joy and light, and we cherish every moment we have with them.  We married in 2007 and live in a suburb just outside Washington, DC with great schools and parks. We are very close with our families and spend holidays, birthdays, and vacations together. We wish you the best with whichever path you choose for yourself and your baby. If you would like to learn more about us, and to view our profile, please visit us at:  https://amandaandjurrienadopt.com

Chris and Kevin

kevin and chris ready to adopt baby infant

We met in August 2010 at a regional chain of chili restaurant’s called Hard Times Café and realized we had an immediate connection because we are both “foodies." We got engaged on our one year anniversary and were married in September 2012 at a beautiful wedding in Kevin’s hometown of Winchester, Virginia. We enjoy travelling and experiencing new adventures together. We have travelled up and down the eastern sea board, from Maine to Florida. We both love the beach and many of our vacation destinations involve the beach. We also enjoy hosting events like game nights, potlucks, and holiday parties with our friends and family.Starting a family has been a life-long dream for the both of us. In fact, Kevin knew since college that he wanted to be a father. One of Chris' fondest memories from our first date was when Kevin brought up the subject of children. We both feel that we have a lot of love, wisdom, and compassion to give to a child because we both had wonderful influences growing up and we knew that our purpose in life was to raise children. We have an amazing support system of friends and family who will assist us in our journey along the way.

Howard and Kathy

Kathy and Howard - family ready to adopt infant baby Congratulations on your placement!

Hi, we are Kathy and Howard! Thank you for allowing us to introduce ourselves. We are honored and grateful you are considering us in this important decision. Howard is a family practice doctor, and Kathy is a writer and educator. We met in 2011 in a bookstore – appropriate for two book lovers! On our first date, we went out to dinner and then to a show by the Afrobeat Society, a terrific band inspired by African and Cuban traditions. From early on, we knew that we shared many of the same interests -- not just books and music, but also dogs, travel, movies, and so much more. Plus, we both laughed a lot! We bought a house and moved in together, and were married a few years later, in 2015. Since we are in our forties, it didn’t seem likely we’d have biological children. In addition, we really believe in adoption, so it wasn’t difficult to choose this route rather than fertility treatments as our preferred path to parenthood. We are excited to provide a child with an abundance of love and unconditional support. We are also eager to share our passions for food and story telling, and our goofy jokes, too. We cannot wait for the day when we can share our laughter-filled home with a child! Please reach out to us at anytime -- we look forward to talking with you. 


HeatherCongratulations on your placement!

My name is Heather, I live in Maryland, a short drive to both Washington DC and Baltimore. You may wonder why I want to adopt. I am excited to build my family. I've wanted to adopt since I was young, and it has always been a part of my path in life. This is a natural choice for me, as I have adopted relatives, and cousins who built their family through adoption. I also have several friends who are adopted. It just makes sense. Out there somewhere is a baby who needs a home. I have a home that needs a baby – it's a perfect fit. What would a day in the life look like for a child here? It would start with family breakfast (making time to eat together is important). Then off we'd go to start the day – playtime at home, story time at the library, a walk to the playground, exploring the trails behind the house, or a pool day– the important thing is spending time together as a family. I'm grateful that you're taking the time to consider me as a parent for your child, and look forward to the adventure that is on the horizon.

Alberto and Lauren

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. Our names are Lauren and Alberto, and our son's name is Matteo. He will turn three in May. We have been married for 5 years, and live in Northwest DC neighborhood near several parks and the wonderful school where Lauren works. We both have large extended families. We are lucky enough to have Lauren’s relatives close to us in Maryland, and Alberto's siblings and parents live in New York, Spain, France, and Italy. We speak English and Italian at home, and Alberto is also a native Spanish speaker. Alberto is a financial analyst and consultant, and Lauren works at an international school with middle and high school students. Our time as a family is usually spent taking walks and bike rides, cooking, and going on “adventures” in the backyard. Matteo has brought us more joy than we thought possible, and we are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to welcome another child into our lives. We appreciate you considering us as adoptive parents. Should you choose us, we promise you that we will love your child to the moon and back!

Roar and Noorie

We met in 2002, in Washington, DC, married in 2005 in San Francisco, CA and almost 11 years later, we've settled into beautiful Cape St. Claire of Annapolis, MD. Roar, a Software Engineer, writes programs for computer chips. Noorie, a Social Worker, practices therapy and victim advocacy. We enjoy spending our days at our beach and kayaking. We like exploring places and cultures, and together have lived in Norway and San Jose, CA. We value our time with family and friends- Noorie considers socializing one of her favorite activities! Roar's hobbies are sailing and spoiling our two cats, Maya and Izzee. Noorie's hobbies are traveling and photography. Early in our relationship we talked about how we both looked forward to being parents one day and we're so excited to build our family through a loving adoption! We understand adoption is a brave and difficult choice, and we have tremendous respect for you. No matter where our journey takes us, we believe…Being a part of this family means you will be forever loved no matter what. We are excited to share this journey with you. We wish the very best for you and your child. 

Charlie and Laura

laura and charlie ready to adopt infant baby

Hello! Our names are Charlie and Laura. We have known each other since elementary school and are high school sweethearts. We are both 30 and have been married for 7 years. We live in a large neighborhood that is full of children. We cannot wait to welcome a child into our family to pass along our passion for learning, our sense of adventure, and our unconditional love! Laura is an elementary school teacher and Charlie is a business owner. A pivotal part of our lives is our family! We have a very large and close knit family. Our families get together monthly to have dinner so we can stay connected and enjoy each other’s company. We feel that an open adoption is the perfect way to grow our family. Adoption has touched our lives in many ways already. Charlie’s mother was adopted and Laura’s cousin is a birth mother herself.  We honor and respect this difficult decision you are having to make. Thank you for taking us into consideration as parents for your child.

Andrew and John

andrew and john ready to adopt infant baby

Hi there! We are Andrew and John. We would like to thank you for reading our profile, and hope that it gives you a glimpse into our lives. We live in a wonderful neighborhood outside of Washington, D.C., with a nice yard and plenty of kids in the neighborhood. We have been together for over 8 years now, married for nearly three years. Andrew is an attorney and John is an accountant. We have an adorable labradoodle named Blanche who loves everyone (as the name implies).   We both have our families close by and a wonderful group of friends around the area.   We are looking forward to sharing with our child the world’s experiences and joys: vacations with family, rooting for our favorite sports teams, baking treats with family—the sky is the limit!  We believe that open adoption will be a wonderful way to grow our family.  We wish you the best in deciding what path is best for the both of you.

Isaac and Andrea

Isaac and Andrea - ready to adopt infant baby Congratulations on your placement!

Hello from Andrea, Isaac, and Zane! We have enjoyed many great adventures throughout 12 years of marriage, and we look forward to the adventure of adopting again to become a family of four. Isaac works as an attorney, representing individuals who cannot afford legal help. He also enjoys gardening, photography, tinkering with electronics, and experimenting with new things. Andrea manages map making projects in DC. Outside of work, she likes spending time with friends and family, playing soccer, and baking. Zane joined us as a newborn, and we have loved watching him develop into a toddler. As a family, we like exploring new parks, swimming, riding bikes, and spending time with friends. Zane also seems to share our joy for travel. He loves looking at photos of trips and of visits to friends and family. We get to visit with Zane’s birth parents, but we also know that this can be one of many challenging decisions for birth parents. Whatever you choose, we promise to honor you and respect your wishes.

Sarah and Nicole

Sarah and Nicole - ready to adopt baby infant Congratulations on your placement!

Hello!  We are Nicole and Sarah. We are a happily married, fun-loving, family-oriented couple!  We met in 2008, and after five years of marriage and buying a house, we are excited to open our hearts and grow our family through adoption.  Nicole is easy-going and compassionate and loves reading and traveling.  Sarah is hard-working and caring and loves gardening and theater.  Our families live near and far, so we spend lots of time with them hanging out, hosting holidays, and vacationing with them! Now we are excited to become parents and share our lives with a little one.  We look forward to loving a child, welcoming him or her into our families, learning, laughing, playing, and giving him or her every chance to thrive and enjoy a happy, healthy life.  Your decision to create an adoption plan is an act of love.  We honor and respect you for it.  If you decide to make us a part of your plan, please know that we will love and cherish your child and do everything in our power to provide him or her with a safe and secure future.  Whatever your decision, we wish you and your baby all the best.

Nathaniel and Aletheia

nathaniel and aletheia ready to adopt infant baby

We are Nathaniel, Aletheia, and Brighton!  Prior to us ever meeting we both separately wanted adoption to be a part of our family unit. We have so much love for God, each other, our family and we want to be able to continue to express our love as we expand our family through adoption. We know that it is because of your great love for your child that you have made the choice to place your child with an adoptive family. We already have so much love in our hearts for this child that we have yet to even meet. Our family goal is simple, to love! We work hard to reflect that each and every day through how we interact as a family, to Aletheia's job working with women facing crisis pregnancy situations, to Nathaniel's social entrepreneurial drive. We work hard to love in everything that we do in an effort to give back and raise our son Brighton and future sons/daughters to love and change the world. 

Matt and Katie

Katie and Matt - ready to adopt baby infant

Thank you very much for letting us introduce ourselves. Our names are Matt and Katie, and we’re a couple in our thirties who have been married for over eight years. We have one daughter; one cat; live in Wheaton, MD; and we both have backgrounds in science. We very much hope to continue to grow our family through adoption. Having our daughter in our lives has been a wonder, and we know she will be a loving and silly big sister. We can’t wait to bring another child into our lives! We know that it will be tough at times (sleepless nights, even more rounds of singing “Wheels on the Bus”, fighting over toys, etc.) , but we also know that we will get to watch him or her grow and learn, read them books at bedtime, take them and their sister to the park, join in laughter at ridiculous things, cheer them on, celebrate birthdays and graduations, and someday in the future, enjoy their company as adults, maybe even with their own kids. That’s our hope for the future, but whatever it does hold for us, we wish you all the support you need at this difficult time and the best for you and your baby.

Tom and Brigitte

tom and brigitte ready to adopt infant baby

We are Tom and Brigitte. We think we could best be described as fun, thoughtful, and down-to-earth. We’ve been married for nine years, and we share a love of learning, travel, and caring for our sassy but very lovable husky retriever. We live in a diverse neighborhood in Washington, DC, which has much to offer: great playgrounds, a pool and library just a block away, easy access to the city’s museums and sites, and a close-knit street of friends and neighbors, many with young children. Family is central to our lives. We have fifteen nieces and nephews, and we have really enjoyed watching them grow into caring and intelligent adults (we might also mention here that we are very proud to have been deemed “the cool aunt and uncle” by more than one of them). We very much hope to create the same opportunities for our child: to offer unconditional love and support, to instill in them the importance of service to others, and to provide them with the tools they need to pursue whatever their dream may be. For all of the moments, big and small, we will be there with grace, humor, and love.

Liz and Dean

Liz and Dean - parents ready to adopt a child Congratulations on your placement!

Hi! We are Dean and Liz. We are high school sweet hearts and have been married for 6 years. Dean is a Senior Project Engineer in the solar industry and he loves sports, hiking, kayaking, and building/fixing things. Liz is a housewife with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and she loves yoga (and teaching yoga), painting, and being in the great outdoors. We love to spend time with our families, leading teens in our church, and hanging out with our friends and their babies. We have always been excited to become parents, however, we struggled to get pregnant. After a lot of prayer and research we felt like adoption was the right choice for us. We are thrilled at the idea of welcoming a child into our home. We have both been brought up in families that ooze unconditional love and we want to raise a child to know that same unfailing love. Our hearts go out to you as you make decisions about your future and the future of your child. Please know that we are praying for you during this time, that you would find peace, confidence, and love in whatever decision you make.  

Jade and Willie

Jade and Willie - ready to adopt baby infant Congratulations on your placement!

First and foremost, please know that we have profound respect for you and the decision you are considering. We come to adoption open-hearted, with respect, recognition, and appreciation for the amazing love you have, and will always have, for your child. Throughout our life together (and before we even met and married), we’ve dreamed of building our family through adoption and we believe that we have much to offer a child through all stages of life. Our home is full of love, laughter, amazing people, good food, books, and the loving snuggles of our sweet dog. Originally from California, Jade loves to read, paint, cook, and volunteer for a hospice program. Originally from Alabama, Willie loves reading, hiking, playing several instruments, and tinkering in his workshop. Our amazing family includes many loved ones locally, and everyone joins us in being so excited to shower our child with limitless love and support. Our child will be loved unconditionally and raised in a family that values individuality, kindness, curiosity, integrity, creativity, responsibility, and education. We cannot wait to explore and enjoy the delights of this world with our child and look forward to bringing them a lifetime of love, joy, and comfort.

Kyle and Christine

Hello from Christine and Kyle! Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about us. We met over 12 years ago when we were both at college in the Midwest. Although we started as friends, our relationship grew, and now have been married for almost three years. We live in Maryland just outside of Washington, D.C. Kyle is an emergency room doctor and Christine is a scientist that helps find treatments for Parkinson’s disease.  Outside of work, we enjoy spending time outdoors, including everything from adventurous hikes to lazy weekends on our backyard deck with our cat, LJ.  Kyle is an avid runner and plays the guitar, while Christine loves to cook and kayak. We're excited about adoption and the chance to start our family. Between the two of us, we are blessed with a large extended family that loves kids. Our nieces and nephew can’t wait for a new cousin to visit and play with! While this must be an incredibly difficult moment in your life and we can't imagine what you're feeling or thinking, we would be overjoyed at the opportunity to provide your child a family full of laughter, support, and unconditional love.

Justin and Megan

Congratulations on your placement!

Hi, there! Greetings from Megan and Justin! We came from different places—Justin was born in Brazil and Megan is from Buffalo, NY—and feel very fortunate to have found each other in Texas before moving to Washington, DC. We have built a strong relationship and a good home, and are now excited about bringing a child into our family. We both grew up with adopted family members, so when we thought about starting a family, adoption was a natural choice. We have a strong sense of adventure and both have a zeal for learning new things and visiting new places. We enjoy spending time outdoors, and like to hike, bike, canoe, and explore whenever we can. We have been fortunate to be able to nurture our passions and our spirits of adventure, and look forward to seeing the world anew through a child’s eyes. We are eager to provide a child with a fun and enriching home in which to thrive and cultivate his or her interests. 

Mark and Jody

mark and jody ready to adopt baby infant

Hello from Mark and Jody. We are happily married and have always dreamed about becoming parents. We both work in vaccine development and believe in making the world a better place.  We live with our dog and two cats, in a small town with tremendous character and down home charm. Our town in Maryland is very family centric and has a highly ranked school system, which is important to us as we strongly value education. We cannot wait to add someone new to our family-we are so excited to share our love of the outdoors, science, animals, and sports. We cannot understand the journey you are on without walking in your shoes, but wish you continued strength and peace regardless of what path you choose.  If you do choose adoption, then please know that you are giving an unquantifiable gift and blessing to a family like us.