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24/7 Crisis Pregnancy ONLY Hotline for Maryland/Virginia/DC:+1-888-731-6601 or TEXT: 240-600-1106

PWNL (Older Child) after hours counselor:+1-888-955-3339


If you are considering adoption, The Barker Adoption Foundation counselors will support you by helping you navigate the steps ahead in the adoption process.


Lisa Hughes (LCSW-C), An adoptive family specialist and former pregnancy counselor at The Barker Adoption Foundation 

You likely have many questions.  Here is what you can expect:

  • An experienced and understanding Barker pregnancy counselor will always be available and ready to talk whenever you are, whether that’s during pregnancy or after the birth of your baby. 
  • Barker's pregnancy counselor will meet you wherever you like in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C.
  • Barker’s pregnancy counselor will answer your adoption questions and keep your information confidential.  
  • There is never any charge for our services. Your counselor will help you understand the resources available to you at Barker and within the community.
  • Barker will assist you, and advocate for you, while you are at the hospital, providing you with emotional support through delivery and after the birth.
  • If you make an adoption plan -- and there will be no pressure to do so -- you can choose the parents who adopt your child. Barker will listen so that we understand the qualities in adoptive parents that are most important to you. We will share profiles of families ready to adopt—all of whom live locally in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC and have been thoroughly screened and prepared to provide a stable and loving home and family for your baby.
  • Your Barker counselor will help you think through the type of adoption you would like, and specifically, how open or how much ongoing contact you wish to have with the child as he/she grows; your counselor will help you to formalize an arrangement and facilitate contact.
  • Barker’s pregnancy counselor will assist with arranging “Cradle Care,” a safe and loving temporary home with two parents to care for your baby in its first days and until any state-required waiting period ends. This gives you the opportunity to reflect on your decision to make sure you are at peace and still want to make an adoption plan.
  • Barker counselors will support you after the placement, when it is common to feel many emotions, including loss. And if you’d like, Barker offers the opportunity to meet others who have been through similar experiences, providing the opportunity to support each other.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at any time.