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Since 1945, The Barker Adoption Foundation has helped thousands of women in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., through unplanned pregnancies, supporting them as they consider their options, including making an adoption plan.



The following are some of the differences you’ll find with a local agency adoption:

  • Barker offers local, confidential options counseling with licensed, professional social workers that goes far beyond offering advice on signing the documents that relinquish parental rights.  
  • Barker counselors will come meet with you where you choose, in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, D.C. and tailor counseling and support to address your individual needs
  • Barker counselors can help with conversations between the expectant mother and father and with other extended family members.  
  • Barker can assist you in preparing a birth plan for the hospital and can have a social worker advocate for you while you are there.
  • Barker thoroughly screens and prepares local (MD, VA, DC) prospective adoptive parents. Once we know more about what is important to you in choosing the parents for your child, we can present you with a selection of family profiles from which to choose.
  • With a Barker adoption, you have a period of time after the birth, determined by the state where you live, to reflect on your adoption decision. During this time, Barker provides well-trained, volunteer “Cradle Care” families—many of whom adopted a child who is now grown—who provide your baby with stable and loving care during those initial days after birth. During this time, we make sure that the baby sees a pediatrician for any well-baby checks or other medical needs.
  • With a Barker adoption, we support you in identifying what kind of post-adoption contact or relationship you wish to maintain with the adoptive family and your birth child, and help advocate for those wishes with the chosen family. We also develop the legal document that outlines the adoption arrangement that you and the adoptive family agree upon. 
  • Barker continues to provide services after the placement, because many birth parents feel a sense of loss. Services range from counseling to a monthly support group exclusively for birth parents.

Find out more about the adoption process and working with Barker from Aaren, a birth mother who has been through this experience. 

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Barker is a highly regarded nonprofit adoption agency that has assisted expectant parents with respect and understanding for nearly a century. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us any time.