Working with an Agency

Birth parents and prospective adoptive parents have the option of seeking assistance from an agency or attorney to help them through the adoption process. Below is information on how working with an agency can be helpful to you as you consider adoption.

Experienced Professionals

Adoption is so much more than a legal transaction, although the legal component is surely critical and must be carefully done. Adoption, however, is a lifelong, complex human experience. An established, licensed, non-profit agency such as Barker allows you to work with caring professionals who are experienced in the dynamics of adoption. Birth parents receive unlimited objective counseling about their alternatives, which helps ensure solid decision-making. Prospective adoptive parents have an experienced professional assisting them with the many critical choices adoption entails. And adoptees find remarkable and caring professionals at Barker to support them in whatever issues may arise at any age.

A Wide Array of Choices

There is no one "right way" to do an adoption. An agency such as Barker can provide a variety of approaches in planning both the placement and the years that follow. Some birth parents and adoptive parents we work with never meet; others have on-going contact before and after the birth of the child. Some babies are placed directly from the hospital into the adoptive home; others are temporarily cared for in private foster homes, allowing all the parties the time to resolve any personal, legal or medical issues. We can provide the range of possibilities necessary to fit your needs and desires.

A Lifelong Commitment

Adoption doesn't end with the placement. An established agency such as Barker provides ongoing support, education and counseling to birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted children, teenagers, and adults. We connect families with community services if needed. We are there, over the long haul, to answer a question, to look up a file, to provide assistance if issues of search and reunion arise.

Insight and Understanding

Research shows that, by and large, children who are adopted are well-adjusted, happy and successful individuals. Nevertheless, loss is an inevitable part of adoption; birth families, adoptive families, and adopted persons have "extra" layers of issues to understand and integrate. An agency deeply committed to understanding adoption, as Barker is, can conduct research and provide educational programs and conferences that give individuals and families the tools they need for healthy lives.

No Fees for Services

Services are provided to birth parents at no charge. At Barker, contributions, grants and fundraising help us provide services to birth parents without any fees, no matter whether an adoption plan is made or not.

And More

Comprehensive services under one roof . . . professionals who lead research in the field and reexamine agency practices as understanding about adoption increases . . . and finally, the philosophy that the focus of adoption must be the best interests of the child, with the goal of adoption to find parents for children.