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Preparing To Adopt? Here Are Three Things You Need To Know About Your Home Study Experience

As a prospective parent starting your adoption journey, it may feel as though you are entering new territory filled with checklists, never-ending paperwork, and unfamiliar terminology. One term that encompasses all three of those elements is “Home Study”.  The home study process is a state requirement that must be completed before a family receives their child into their Forever Family through adoption. Whether you are starting your process with Domestic Infant or PWNL- older child adoption from foster or our International program, completing a home study is not only an essential evaluation but a wonderful opportunity to start preparing for this amazing journey!

 Top 3 Questions/Answers surrounding your home study :

1.  Who administers the home study?

a.   The study must be administered by an adoption agency licensed in the prospective parent’s or parents’ state of residence.

2.  How long does it take?

a.    The home study process typically takes a few months to complete and is designed to get to know the prospective parent or parents and assist them in preparing to become parents through adoption.

3.  What information is gathered to complete the home study?

a.   Family background and references

b.   Education and employment

c.   Readiness for adopting and reasons for wanting to adopt.


A good home study is a two-way street. During each stage of your adoption journey, it is important to voice your concerns and feelings as you navigate through this process. Your home study is no exception, in fact sharing any feelings and concerns no matter how complex or insignificant they may seem is a principle step. By doing so, your social worker may be able to guide those concerns into confidence towards your next steps!


Attending Barker’s General Adoption Information Meeting or registering for P.R.I.D.E. Training is a great way to get more information about your home study and receive answers to questions you may have, sign up today!