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24/7 Crisis Pregnancy ONLY Hotline for Maryland/Virginia/DC:+1-888-731-6601 or TEXT: 240-600-1106

PWNL (Older Child) after hours counselor:+1-888-955-3339


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Facing an unplanned/Crisis pregnancy can cause a lot of unwanted stress as you explore your options. Making a decision can feel impossible when you are thinking through what this pregnancy means for your life and the life of your baby. When a pregnancy is unexpected or when it is a crisis pregnancy it’s natural to feel like you don’t have any options or are out of control. This is especially true when you are feeling pressured by unwanted advice from your friends and family. Often women go through their unplanned/crisis pregnancy feeling lost and alone. At Barker we staff our hotline with trained counselors 24/7 to ensure that you never have to feel alone (CALL: 1-888-731-6601 or TEXT: 240-600-1106). Whether you want a friendly and supportive shoulder to lean on during the time when you are considering adoption or a trained counselor to help you explore the details of your options, Barker’s helpline is a great resource any time day or night! 

If you are experiencing an unplanned or crisis pregnancy you may find that your family and friends are offering you unwanted advice or even pressuring you to make one decision or another. When I am working with a pregnancy client, I always suggest that she take some time to think through when and how to tell her friends and family that she is pregnant and is considering adoption. If you have a friend or a family member who you know will support whatever decision you make don’t hesitate to tell them about your pregnancy. They can help you think through your questions and concerns, and they know you best so they may be a great resource for support as you walk your decisions about adoption. However, if you have family and friends who you believe will not be supportive of your decision it may be best to wait to tell them until you have a clearer sense of what your wishes are. You may want to consider exploring your options on your own, or with the help of a pregnancy counselor. The benefit of working with one of Barker’s pregnancy counselors is that 1. It is completely free to you. 2. Barker is a nonprofit adoption agency, which means our pregnancy counselors have no personal motives when working with you. You will never be pressured by anyone at Barker and you are free to change your mind at any time! 3. We are available to help you think through the process of telling the family and friends who may be less open to hearing about adoption. Find more about the services we offer here

If you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, we want you to know that the counselors at Barker will never pressure you to decide one way or another. We are here to help you explore your options and provide non-judgmental services to any woman (or man) who is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy (or whose partner is experiencing an unexpected pregnancy). The last thing that you need is unwanted pressure when you are deciding what to do. Call or text now to learn more and decide if you think adoption could be right for you.