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What is Project Wait No Longer —Older Child Adoption from Foster Care?

Project Wait No Longer (PWNL) is a unique public-private initiative of The Barker Adoption Foundation. Its goal is to recruit, train and support families committed to adopting older children who are awaiting permanency within the US foster care system. PWNL partners with public child welfare agencies throughout the country, to place waiting children (ages 0-21) from the foster care system, into approved adoptive homes in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC.

Our goal is to locate and approve families who are not only prepared to welcome children into their homes and hearts, but who are also realistic about the challenges that come along with parenting children who have experienced trauma.

We have found families for children in foster care from all areas of the country and we would love to work with you as well!

Why Work with PWNL?

  • Our families are fully prepared by Barker for older child adoption; they are PRIDE certified and have realistic placement expectations.
  • Our program fees are flexible and can be adjusted or waived to meet the needs of each State’s budget.  We never want fees to be a barrier to a child being matched with his or her forever family
  • Our families have access to life-long services and support through Barker’s Post-Adoption Department including: support groups, parent mentoring and continued training, kids groups, in-home intensive crisis support, and a 24/7 on-call crisis.
  • Our families know that their social worker is only a phone call away. The dedicated support provided goes a long way towards increasing the likelihood of a successful placement.
  • Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable about Older Child Adoption. We are available to assist at every stage of the process from obtaining ICPC approval to coordinating and supervising the visitation process.  As you know, this makes it much easier to place a child outside of your local state.

See what others are saying about Project Wait No Longer:

The Barker (Adoption) Foundation’s Project Wait No Longer, has adoptive families who are well trained to meet the needs of older children and sibling groups.  Their staff understands the importance of providing their families with “whatever it takes” to make an adoptive placement successful.   Their families are thoroughly assessed to help the family understand their own strengths and possible challenges.    I have confidence that children I have placed through Project Wait No Longer are with families who have accepted them unconditionally.   I have recommended The Barker (Adoption) Foundation to several of my colleagues because Project Wait No Longer is a quality program who understands and supports children and families in their adoption journey. 

- Karen L. Wilson, A Better Chance for Our Children, Milford, Delaware

Want to Learn More About PWNL Waiting Families or Make a Child Referral?

If you are a caseworker currently searching for a loving, well-trained and well-supported adoptive family for an older child or sibling group on your caseload, please call to learn more about PWNL. We have families hoping to adopt children between the ages of 0-21 years old. 

If you would like to be added to our list to receive regular updates from the Project Wait No Longer-Older Child Adoption from Foster Care program, as well as specific information about families who are approved and prepared to adopt older children from foster care, please complete this information form.