Monday, April 21, 2014

This year on May 3, 2014 the George Mason University Department of Social Work is hosting the 6th Annual College Dream Tour. 

The event targets youth between the ages of 11-15 who would otherwise not consider going to college. It is a goal to promote dropout prevention and to encourage youth to develop aspirations to one day go to college. Over a hundred students and their parents, guardians, mentors, teachers and social workers will attend the event. 

This year’s theme is “Mission Possible…the Dream Continues!” It emphasizes the need to persevere in making the dream come true. Our event will focus on putting resources into the hands of youth and their parents to help them continue the dream. Scheduled events include the following:

  • Opening Ceremony
    Youth participants will be inspired and motivated as they hear stories of individuals like themselves who have been able to make the “mission possible.”
  • Exhibits
    Exhibits will introduce youth participants to other students and receive educational materials such as financial aid and support handouts.
  • Campus and College Life Tour
    Youth participants will be assigned to groups of 10-13 and led by student tour guides. The tour guides will provide an interactional tour of college life, answering questions and having fun.
  • Cap and Gown Picture
    Each youth will have their picture taken in a cap and gown by the Mason statue and be treated to lunch in Southside dining hall.

Excitement and fun are important aspect of the opening ceremony and the experience on campus. Youth participants will be provided backpacks full of important information for them and their parents. At the conclusion youth participants will be presented with a certificate identifying them as a future college student. Their parents will also be sent a certificate identifying them as the parent of a future college student.

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