Tuesday, March 24, 2020

One of the greatest gifts we receive as an agency is family updates! Recently, we received an update from Sushmita and Tim, who adopted their daughter through Barker's India Program. Here is a glimpse of their story and how things are going for this wonderful Forever Family!

We traveled to India in November 2018 as a family of three and were blessed to return home a month and a half later as a family of four. The orphanage handed Diya over to us during our very first visit, and we all instantly fell in love with her. Only one-year-old at the time, she became attached to all three of us—Mama, Dada, and Brother—within just a few days. Armed with language skills, cultural awareness, and fierce determination, we decided to stay and push to expedite our adoption process. It was a taxing effort but well worth it!

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Today Diya completes our family better than we ever hoped. She is a loving, joyful, and playful two-year-old who has stolen the hearts of our family and friends. She loves to cuddle with her mama, read books with her dada, and play with her big brother. She understands both English and Hindi and surprises us every day with new phrases or sentences as she learns to talk. It feels as if Diya has always been part of our family. Although we can remember the time before she entered our lives, we cannot imagine them without her.

Barker Parent, Sushimita