Thursday, September 16, 2021

Barker adoptive family.pngOur daughter Grace Theadora Rose was born on September 21, 2019, and was in the NICU for 19 days, coming home on October 9. We will be forever grateful for the kind, compassionate care of the NICU nurses, doctors, and staff. Because Grace's adoption ended up being a post-birth referral, we didn't meet Grace until she was ten days old.

As soon as we arrived at the NICU, we could tell that Grace had been cared for with special attention and love. We even found out that volunteers had come to spend time with Grace and rock her, a fact that meant so much to us, knowing that our little girl had received such special care as a newborn. And the whole NICU staff made us feel right at home as we parents took turns being with Grace and being with our two-year-old daughter at home. We were even able to spend a few nights in a special room for NICU families. The nurses and doctors took the time to explain all of Grace's medical needs and prognosis, and we never felt like we were treated differently as an adoptive family. In contrast, we could see the extra special care everyone was giving to little Grace.

 This was our first experience with a child in the NICU, and while it's not something anyone wants to do, it also was a special time of bonding with Grace and focusing on her needs. The NICU staff is now on our Christmas card list, and we love telling them how wonderfully Grace is doing. Again, we'll always be grateful for the amazing nurses and doctors who cared for Grace so well.

Barker Family