December 12, 2018

My experience on The Barker Homeland Tour to Colombia

If I could define my experience of Barker’s Homeland Tour in one word, it would be grateful. Read More

December 5, 2018

Instant Family – Must See Movie For Those Interested In Foster Care & Older Child Adoption!

As a social worker who has worked to find families for kids in the public child welfare system – I have to say that the movie Instant Family was not only a refreshingly honest glimpse into the world of foster adoption, but it was a Read More

November 30, 2018

Ways You Can Celebrate National Adoption With Your Family

When one thinks of adoption, one might often think of permanency, bringing a child into your home, or creating a forever family for a child in need.  While these are all very consistent with the theme of adoption, and certainly are the most common aspects, I took a moment this week to think of so Read More

November 30, 2018

Keeping Siblings Together

Keeping Siblings Together Read More

November 1, 2018

“Instant Family” Brings Adoption From Foster Care to the Big Screen!

In September Barker staff, along with employees from other local adoption and foster care agencies had the privilege of attending a pre-screening of the movie Instant Family. To say that this movie is well done is an understatement. We laughed, we cried and we saw the work that we do come to life Read More

November 1, 2018

My Adoption Journey

“You have two mothers. I’m just the lucky one who gets to raise you,” my mom always said. “Your other mother loved you so much she gave you away.” I was given up for adoption so that I could have a better life. And I did. Read More

July 31, 2017

How Childhood Trauma Could Be Mistaken for ADHD

Anyone who works in child welfare or has fostered/adopted from the child welfare system knows that an overwhelming percentage of children in foster care are diagnosed with ADHD. Read More

July 28, 2017

More Than a Service: Love & Support From Cradle Care Mothers

So much conversation about adoption centers around adoptive parents, birth parents, and the children who are adopted, but there is one group that often goes unnoticed – the families that tirelessly care for babies during the time when the biological mothers and fathers of the babies are trying to Read More

July 14, 2017

2017 Changes in China Guidelines

China sent out a notice on July 6, 2017 with some changes to the guidelines of who can adopt. These changes were to go into effect immediately (the notice was datedJune 30, 2017). Read More

July 12, 2017

How to Ruin Your Relationship with Your Teen

Relating to teens can be difficult, especially when parenting an older child adopted from foster care. For first time parents, jumping into parenting during the teen years can be daunting and exhausting. Here are some tips and tricks from Michelle Lehnardt, a blogger with the Today Show. Read More

June 27, 2017

Barker Goes Nats 2017 Hall of Fame!

This year's “Barker Goes Nats!” fundraiser was a wonderful event. Barker family and friends had a great time mingling, enjoying delicious food and of course watching the game! Read More

June 22, 2017

Parenting Teens and Tweens - What They Really Need

So what does parenting a tween or teen actually entail? What do behaviors of these kids actually look like? Read More