Barker's Homeland Tour to Colombia offers a unique and life-changing experience for families who adopted children from Colombia.

Tours are open to all adoptees and adoptive families regardless of whether Barker was your placing agency. The trip is geared toward families with teens or young adults ages 13−25 and is designed as an introduction to the child’s birth country, offering opportunities to enjoy Colombia’s rich culture and the experience of visiting FANA. At FANA, families will have the opportunity to meet with a social worker to learn about the child’s personal history and spend time with children living at FANA. In the past we have also visited with expectant mothers who are considering placing their children for adoption.

What if we Adopted our Child from Somewhere other than FANA?

All Colombia adoptive families are welcome on Barker’s tour! In the past, families have visited their child's orphanage immediately after the official tour ends. 

What are the Dates for the 2019 Tour?

The tour is tentatively scheduled for July 1-9, 2019.

Who is leading the tour?

Sue Hollar, Carolina Kenrick, Barbara Donesky, and Maria Teresa de Perez will lead the Barker tour. Sue, a social worker, is Barker's Executive Director & CEO and has worked in the child/welfare adoption field for 25 years. Carolina, Barker’s International Consultant, is a native Spanish speaker and has worked in the adoption field for three decades. Barbara is in private practice and facilitates Barker's Adoptive Parents' Support Groups. Maria Teresa served as Barker's Colombian representative for decades and is considered by hundreds of families to have played a hugely significant role in their adoptions. Sue, Carolina, and Maria Teresa have worked together to lead multiple Homeland Tours and offer the skills and expertise that makes Barker’s adoption-sensitive tour unlike any other. 

What will we do on the tour?

The tour participants will visit FANA and meet with a FANA social worker to learn about their personal history. In addition, participants visit the Hogar (the home for birth mothers) and meet with women considering an adoption plan. Tour participants will also enjoy Colombia’s rich culture, with an itinerary to include: 

  • City tour of Bogotá
  • Trip to the Gold Museum
  • Visit to the Botero Art Gallery/Museum
  • Magnificent views from the top of Monserrate
  • A train ride to and tour of Zipaquirá (the Salt Cathedral)
  • Visit to local markets for shopping  
  • Traditional Colombian meals

What have others said about the tour?

  • “We had been looking forward to this trip for several years and it was everything we hoped it would be and more. We can’t thank Barker enough for making this happen.” Adoptive Mom
  •  “Returning to FANA, visiting the Hogar, and experiencing Colombia in the company of fellow adoptees was fabulous beyond words.” Adoptee, age 17
  • “This trip changed me and my family. It opened my eyes to so much and made my heart more complete.” Adoptee, age 15
  • “Our daughter is extremely happy for having had the experience for which she had waited for so long, and says she now feels whole as a person. This was one of the greatest family experiences we have ever had, and we cherish every moment spent together.” Adoptive Dad

More information to come.