The decision whether or not to parent a child is a complex choice.

For some expectant parents considering adoption, having limited available resources may be a major challenge in their lives and central in their decision-making as they navigate the choices ahead. In addition to compassionate and confidential options counseling, The Barker Adoption Foundation helps connect expectant parents with critical resources such as housing, food, and medical care. The needs of each expectant parent are different and the term “resources”, of course, can mean something different to each birth parent Barker supports. For those with safe and stable living situations who have critical needs covered, but who do not feel ready to parent, support would focus on options counseling.  For women who are facing the possibility of homelessness, or are who might be unable to work due to their pregnancy, Barker can explore housing options and related social services.

There is no “typical” birth parent and as such there’s no cookie-cutter approach to helping a birth parent consider her options.  Barker works with each woman and family individually, tailoring a resource plan to meet specific needs.

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