Barker welcomes adoption applications from couples and individuals of all ages, all religious and ethnic backgrounds, and all sexual orientations and gender expressions.

Families should be aware that each state has specific adoption legislation and each country has its own legal restrictions on adoption. Barker and our clients must abide by the adoption laws in the state where the family resides or the country from which they are adopting. We welcome you to explore Barker’s adoption programs below and to learn about what is involved.

Non-Discrimination Statement: The Barker Adoption Foundation, a nonprofit adoption agency, welcomes adoption applications from couples and individuals of all religious and ethnic backgrounds, and all sexual orientations and gender expressions. We support birth parents experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and their families, as well as adoptive parents and adoptees with lifelong adoption-related services. Barker’s offices are located in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Adoptive Parent Info Pack

For your convenience, here are a number of documents related both to adoption in general and to the specific adoption programs offered by Barker.

If you have questions, please contact info [at] or 301-664-9664. If you have not yet attended a general adoption information session, please check the events calendar and register for a free, online, upcoming meeting. Prospective applicants who are seeking a more in-depth one-on-one meeting are welcome to sign up and pay for an adoption consultation session with our Domestic and/or International Program.

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*Pre-Adoption Consultations are conducted on a digital platform. All registrants will receive the video conferencing information in the email used for registration. Please contact us no later than 24 hours before the consultation if you do not receive your login information.


Adoptive Parent Info Pack and Application - Barker Adoption Foundation

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Online Adoption Application


STEP 1: Create a account 

 If you are ready to proceed, please CLICK HERE to fill out and submit the form to create your account. NOTE: The form on this page is not an application for adoption. It simply enables us to send you a username and password so that you can begin the application process.

STEP 2: Receive a username and password for MyAdoptionPortal account 

A username and password will be emailed to you. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

STEP 3: Review Barker's policies prior to submitting an application to ensure eligibility, CLICK HERE to view. 

If after review you have further questions about your eligibility for a program, please call us at 301-664-9664 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

STEP 4: Log in to your account to fill out an online application

A non-refundable fee of $550 will be charged at the time of application. If you are not ready to submit a formal application, please call us for more information or consider attending one of our upcoming general information meetings.

Financial Resources

Adoption fees have a wide range, and we know how stressful that can be.  Most adoption processes in international programs have fees spread out over a 24-48 month period, but domestic programs can be shorter.  We have created a financial resource page to ensure that your family has the resources you need in order to build your family through the program that is best for you. Go to the Financial Resource Page Now

Your Home Study

The home study is an evaluative and preparatory process required by state regulation and must be completed before an individual or couple can adopt a child. The end result is a document written by a Barker social worker that includes information drawn from a series of interviews with the prospective parent or parents and supporting information provided by third parties. Generally a home study includes information on the following:

  • Family background and references
  • Education and employment
  • Relationships and social life, including strength of marriage, if applicable
  • Finances, including net worth and discretionary income
  • Results of criminal and child-protection clearances
  • Assessment of physical and mental health, as determined by your physician
  • Interviews with your adult children, if applicable
  • Interviews with any household member
  • Parenting experiences
  • Details about your home and neighborhood
  • Readiness for adopting and your reasons for wanting to adopt
  • Approval and recommendation of children whom your family can best parent

The home study process typically takes a few months to complete and is designed to get to know the prospective parent or parents and assist them in preparing to become parents through adoption. Depending on the specifics of the situation and the family’s directive, the home study results are provided to public child welfare departments, courts, attorneys, licensed partnering adoption agencies, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, and/or an overseas social welfare agency.

Barker Foundation Home Study