Homeland Tour - 2024


Help Your Child Explore Their Roots in Korea

The group will visit and tour SWS, and when possible a visit will be arranged with each adopted child’s foster family.  

Experience Korea’s Rich Tourist and Cultural Sights

You will visit the traditional tourist sites in Seoul, such as Kyongbokkung Palace, Namdaemun Market, the National Museum and Folk Village in Gyeongju, and the beaches of Busan. In addition, you and your family will visit an orphanage and a school and attend a cooking school.

Build Life-Long Friendships in Korea

During the tour, you will have the chance to spend time with a host family, which is sure to be one of the most memorable parts of the trip: spending time sharing a meal with a Korean family and enjoying the boundless hospitality for which Koreans are famous.

Share Your Experiences in a Supportive Environment

Travel and have shared experiences with other adoptive families, as well as adoption professionals. Adopted children and parents alike will enjoy making new friends, and experiencing this journey as part of a supportive group.  Please note that the tour will be accompanied by a Barker Adoption Foundation Program Director and a Barker Social Worker.


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"I would do this tour again in a heartbeat....the best experience that I could have ever hoped for!"

Korea Tour Details - Summer 2024

Below is the sample itinerary. More specific details will follow. 

  • Day 1 –   Arrival in Seoul
  • Day 2 –   Tour Seoul
  • Day 3 –   Tour Seoul
  • Day 4 –   Tour Seoul and visit SWS and foster families (if applicable)
  • Day 5 –   Yongin/Mt. Seorak National Park
  • Day 6 –   Mt. Seorak National Park/ Mt. Gaya National Park
  • Day 7 –   Mt. Gaya National Park, Gyeongju
  • Day 8 –   Gyeongju
  • Day 9 –   Gyeongju/Busan
  • Day 10 – Busan
  • Day 11 – Suwon/Seoul
  • Day 12 – Depart Seoul, and transfer to the airport

More Information To Come

*Please note that spaces are limited and applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.