Monday, April 4, 2016

The Adult Adoptee group was very excited that Alison Larkin, author, comedienne and keynote speaker at Barker’s annual Adoption & Foster Care Conference, held on Saturday, March 19, came to Washington, D.C. early and attended their group meeting on March 17th.  Over 20 adult adoptees participated in the meeting and had the rare opportunity to engage in an intimate discussion with Alison, hear her insights and share their own, laugh, and discuss issues of common interest to adult adopted persons.

Alison’s attendance at the group was like coming “full circle.” Alison Larkin played a large role in getting this group started when she spoke at a previous Barker conference more than seven years ago.  She felt strongly that adoptees needed a safe space to speak openly about their feelings with others who could relate to and understand what they were experiencing, and was very supportive in the launching of this ongoing group.  This recent meeting was a lively session and it was especially meaningful that Alison could see and hear for herself what an important and supportive forum Barker’s Adult Adoptee Group has become.

No matter where an adult adoptee is on processing his/her adoptive identity, and whether in search and reunion or not, support, insight and validation can be found in this group.  

It really was an honor to have Alison come to the group and we hope to have her back again sometime in the future!


Kristin Reighard, Barker Consultant, Support Group Facilitator