Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I am very excited that Barker’s Department of Family and Post-Adoption Services is introducing the Barker Book Club for 2015/2016!

We decided to create this forum because books are a great way to bring together people with common interests to share ideas and discuss issues of mutual interest and concern.  We have all been in the situation where we have just finished a great book which has raised thoughts and questions, and really want to “process” the contents, but did not have anybody else to share those thoughts with.

My hope is that this group will bring together people with various roles in adoption and of different life stages. For example, I know many adoptive parents whose children are already well into young adulthood, but they still are very interested in keeping up with changes in the world of adoption and reading adoption-related literature.  It would be wonderful if they attended and sat alongside parents of children recently adopted or adult adoptees, in order that they can share their various perspectives of the books and learn from one another.  

We have specifically chosen books to appeal to a wide variety of members of our community. For example, there is one book focused on older child adoption, one on international adoption, and another on adoption reunion - which may be of interest to adult adoptees. There will also be a general session on adoption-related books for young children. This session will not assign a book title, but will present and discuss a variety of children’s books, and offer guidance on which books are most appropriate for specific situations. 

We anticipate that many in the adoption circle are interested in all aspects of adoption, yet we understand that others may just wish to only attend meetings focused on books of personal relevance to them.   Participants can choose to do either. 

Each meeting will include a presentation about the book which may be related to its historic or social context, or a unique aspect of the book, and will be followed by a group discussion. Each participant will purchase his/her own copy (or borrow it from a library or friend) and hopefully come to the meeting ready to share thoughts and hear the opinions of others. And of course, no book club would be complete with refreshments!   Please click here for more details about the book-specific sessions and to register for the Barker Book Club.  

Varda Makovsky, Director of Family and Post-Adoption Services