Friday, January 15, 2016

People enjoy attending book groups for a variety of reasons: The opportunity to share and discuss issues raised in books with like-minded peers, the chance to socialize with others - and even for the food. Last week a group of 8 participants attended Barker’s Book Club and had a great time doing all three of the above!

The group discussed the amazing book Three Little Words” by Ashley Rhodes-Courter,  a captivating memoir of the author’s odyssey being transferred through multiple Florida foster homes. Participants -  including an adoptee raised in foster care - explored and processed their feelings and reactions to the book, the state of foster care in general, and how things they learned in this book may impact up on their parenting.  They also had the chance to feast on some of the foods referenced in the book – the healthy and the not-so healthy (think macaroni and cheese -  a staple of the author’s diet while in foster care.) 

Upcoming meetings of the Book Club include: 


Varda Makovsky, LSCW-C, Director of Family and Post-Adoption Services