One Conference- Four Virtual Half-Day Sessions! Don't Miss It! 

More About Barker's 2022 Annual Conference

In 2022, we are taking a different approach to our annual conference and are offering four 1/2 day events. You can attend one, several, or all. What has not changed is a vibrant and engaging discussion of complex topics like trauma and race, and our welcome inclusion of all in the adoption community, including professionals, adoptive families, adult adoptees, and birth mothers. Please join us!

As a social work professional, you will have the opportunity to earn 13 CEUs by attending all four half-day events. Expand your understanding of the many facets of adoption that can help strengthen families you work with every day.

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More About Conference Event Sessions

Annual Conference Session 1:  Trauma-Informed Parenting

Thursday May 19

Virtual | 9:30am-12:45pm

3 CEU's

Presenter: Chauncey Strong, MSW 

Our conference kicks off with two 1/2 day sessions, led by Chauncey Strong, MSW. In Trauma-Informed Parenting, Chauncey and his panel will discuss the impact of trauma on the brain and behavior, with advice for parents responding to trauma triggers. Chauncey brings over 26 years as a child welfare advocate dedicated to improving conditions for children and families in the child welfare system. Participants have an opportunity to earn 6 CEUs total by attending the complete series. Learn more here

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Annual Conference Event Session 2: Understanding Race & The Impact of Generational Trauma

Friday, June 3

Virtual | 9:30am - 12:45pm ET

3 CEU's

Presenter: Dr. Jessica Young Brown

For an insightful and important discussion on diversity, equity, and inclusion in child public welfare work, join Dr. Jessica Brown for her session on "Understanding Race & The Impact of Generational Trauma." Dr. Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist and consultant on issues of trauma, mental health, race, and racism and how they impact family dynamics. Participants have an opportunity to earn 3 CEUs by attending. Learn more about this training here

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Annual Conference Event Session 3: Race and Identity Development

Wednesday, August 10

Virtual | 12 - 4:30 pm ET

4 CEU's

Presenter: Isaac Etter

For all and especially those looking for insights into transracial parenting, join Isaac Etter, a transracial adoptee and entrepreneur/founder, in "Race & Identity Development." In this engaging session, Isaac will unpack all these important themes with a panel of transracial adoptees. Participants have an opportunity to earn 4 CEUs by attending. Learn more about this training here

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