Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last weekend we celebrated The Barker Foundation’s Annual Picnic. Lots of Project Wait No Longer families attended with their children! The three boys shown above are all children who found their forever homes through PWNL. 

Ironically, the boys had known each other from a prior placement within the foster care system.  Although, they are now all members of various families, their parents have been proactive about helping them to maintain connections to each other. 

At the family picnic the boys were able to run around, play, share stories and eat their favorite desserts. At one point during lunch one of the boys asked “so how has adoption been for you?”  The consensus was that everyone is doing well! 

Connecting with other adopted children can be very beneficial for addressing issues of identity and self-esteem.   It is also helpful for parents to connect and talk about life after adoption.  We encourage all of our families to use these events to maintain connections in your child’s life and build a supportive network for your family.

If you are an adoptive family of an older child - join us at the monthly PWNL support group meeting held the 2nd Wednesday of every month at our MD office (see website for details).  We would love to have you there “making connections” for your kids and your family!