Homeland Summer Tours

The Barker Adoption Foundation is pleased to announce that it will be planning a Homeland Tour to Guatemala and Colombia in the summer of 2023 and tentatively for China and South Korea in 2024. More information to come. If you are interested in learning more about our homeland tours, sign up for updates today, and we will reach out as soon as more information is available! 

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Learn More About Barker's 2023 Columbia Homeland Tour

Learn More About Barker's 2023 Guatemala Homeland Tour

Barker's Homeland Tours offers a unique and life-changing experience for families who adopted children internationally.

These trips are highly enriching, yet they can also raise questions and unexpected emotions for both the child and the adoptive parents. Did you know that Barker offers consultation to adoptive families before taking a homeland trip? Our adoption competent therapists provide support to assist parents in exploring their child’s and their aspirations, apprehensions, and expectations for the trip and help strategize with families about how to best maximize their trip experience. Contact Katie Ambush at our office at 301-664-9664 to learn more! 

What have others said about the tour?

  • “We had been looking forward to this trip for several years, and it was everything we hoped it would be and more. We can’t thank Barker enough for making this happen.” Adoptive Mom
  • “Our daughter is extremely happy for having had the experience for which she had waited for so long and says she now feels whole as a person. This was one of the greatest family experiences we have ever had, and we cherish every moment spent together.” Adoptive Dad

If you would like more information about Barker’s Homeland Tours, don't hesitate to contact Katie Ambush at kambush [at] barkerfoundation.org (subject: Homeland%20Tour%20question) (kambush)postadopt [at] barkerfoundation.org (@barkerfoundation.org) or 301-664-9664.  


“This trip changed me and my family. It opened my eyes to so much and made my heart more complete.” Adoptee, age 15

2017 participants at a local market