Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Dozens of professionals from around the region gathered at Barker’s Bethesda office yesterday to talk about a very important subject.  Dr. Jennifer Shaw, Co-Founder of the Gil Institute for Trauma Recovery & Education, provided participants with an outstanding training session focused on Children and Youth with a History of Sexual Trauma: Understanding the Impact and Facilitating Family-Focused Recovery.

Dr. Shaw shared important background information, including the fact that child sexual abuse is 1.7 times more common than childhood obesity, which impacts approximately 9 million children under the age of six. While the effects are devastating, Dr. Shaw reminded us that:

  1. Children can and do recover from sexual abuse;
  2. Relationships with (new) trusted caregivers are critical; and
  3. The best predictor of recovery is support and love from their primary caregiver. 

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