Director of Family & Post-Adopt Services and Adoption Competent Family, Child, and Adolescent Therapist

Cynthia heads the Family and Post-Adoption Services Department at The Barker Adoption Foundation. She provides oversight of Search & Reunion Services, Support Groups, the Clinical Counseling Program, and Training & Education Services at The Barker Adoption Foundation. She has 20 years of experience dedicated to serving children and families in leadership and clinical therapy positions through non-profit work and county government agencies.  Cynthia’s area of expertise is in working with children and teens with ADHD, anxiety, LGBTQ Youth and families, depression, attachment, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD), adoption related grief and loss, international search and reunion, multi-racial/cultural family counseling, emotional/behavioral disorders, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.  Cynthia has provided numerous trainings and workshops at the national and international level.  She and her wife are parents by adoption of two wonderful children.