Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Each Thanksgiving, the Barker staff reflects with special gratitude on the many families who open their hearts and homes to waiting children. As we celebrate Giving Tuesday, I know you are also inspired and grateful to be a part of this great unfinished work.  Here are lives you’ve helped us touch in recent months:

David is a small child who has a severe form of hemophilia that causes spontaneous and traumatic bleeding and can be life- or limb-threatening without proper treatment.  He languished in an orphanage in southern China for three years, suffering from constant bleeding and bruising and gravely at risk.  Undaunted, a Barker couple adopted David in June and two days later took him to the Hemophiliac Treatment Center of Children’s National Medical Center in Washington and started him on a specialized blood factor treatment.  David is now thriving under the loving care of his parents and the much needed medical intervention.

Ryan, Camron, Jasmine, and Kaden, whose ages range from 11-6, were separated into different homes when they arrived in foster care. After spending two years apart, the four siblings were reunited into one “forever family” with their adoptive parents, Seth and Merideth. Now a family of six, the Moodys spend their time bonding as a family. The Moody’s advice to other families is, “Understand that you won’t be perfect and that’s okay. You won’t go into this knowing everything or doing everything right. Instead, you will grow together. When you do, it will work, and it will be beautiful.”

Jessica, Joe and their children are one of our amazing Cradle Care families.  Over the past eight years Jessica and Joe have provided the first loving home to almost two dozen Barker babies.  Often after receiving a call only the day before, Jessica or Joe join our counselors at a local hospital to meet birth parents and review discharge instructions with hospital staff. Whether birth parents prefer to visit their baby during their revocation time or to receive photo or text updates, they are able to do so.  For baby, all he or she experiences is love and affection during these initial days before returning to birth parents or arriving to adoptive parents.  And, in either case, Jessica, Joe and their family not only love and care for each child, but provide memories for that child about his or her first days of life.

Giving Tuesday is a worldwide effort to unify charitable giving and celebrate generosity during the holiday season.  Today is a day when everyone -- kids and adults alike -- can experience the joy of making a difference by supporting causes that touch their lives in some way.  Your generous donations to our Annual Fund are used to support all of Barker's programs.  Consider supporting Barker as we continually strive to help build “forever families.”  

With our thanks,

Marilyn and the Barker Staff


Barker Staff