Monday, November 9, 2015

Our work in Project Wait No Longer, finding families for children who are awaiting permanency in the foster care system, has taught us many things.  It has taught us more about the effects of trauma, the resiliency of children, and the healing that can come from a loving and committed family. 

As we celebrate National Adoption Month – a month intended to bring attention to the needs of waiting children in our foster care system, we could think of no better way to highlight the often-untold stories of success in older child adoption by sharing the following article with you from American Girl Magazine

Foster children can often feel like the “unseen” and “unheard” children in our society and have a story that is rarely told.  We salute the American girl magazine for going “against the norm” and using this month to bring light to this population and celebrate the unique and beautiful families that can be formed through older child adoption. 

We continue to have a great need in our country for loving, capable and supportive families to parent our waiting children and this month we challenge you to join us in bringing much needed attention to this population.

American Girl Article Quick Link

Beverly N. Clarke, LCSW-C, LICSW, Director of Project Wait No Longer, Older Child Adoptions