Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Transitioning into a forever family can be a stressful time for a child. They may wonder if they will fit in, will they be “given up on,” and a host of other concerns. One way to help your child know that they are part of the family is by “claiming them.”

The act of claiming a child involves claiming actions of the child, likes and dislikes, etc. and attributing them to traits within your family. For example, “you are just like me, you like to have whipped cream with your ice cream.” Or “you are just like your dad, you guys know how to fix just about everything.”

Statements like the ones above can be used to draw your child into the fold and affirms that they are a part of your family. Take time to figure out ways that you and your child are similar and be sure to share them with him or her and other family members. Implementing small changes like this can prove to be very beneficial as your child joins your family!