Friday, December 4, 2015

In November, a group of 8 doctors and residents from Riley International Adoption Clinic and Indiana University School of Medicine traveled to China to spend some time at Barker’s partnership orphanages. The doctors visited with children from 4 orphanages and performed developmental assessments and care plans for over 100 children. The team also provided training for the orphanage staff in things such as Cerebral Palsy therapy to basic health care.  It is so great to see this dedicated team take time out of their busy schedules and away from their own families to make a difference for these children.  As a result of their advocacy, one child has since found a family!  Their efforts and training will not only benefit the children who will be adopted but also those that sadly may never have a family. We at Barker are so very grateful to be able to work with this dedicated group of professionals.

CP therapy training   Group CP Physical Training Session

       A Little One-On-One Time

Need something more to make you smile? See this video from the trip:

Betty Betz, International Programs Case Manager