b'Post-Adoption ServicesBarkers Post-Adoption Services Department is where we connect with Barker and non-Barker adoptees and their families. Through our counseling, free support groups, search and reunion services, training, and education, we offer life-long support to adoptees andClick the video to playfamilies where, when, and however they need it.DID YOU KNOW?50% of Barkers post-adoption programparticipants had no previous affiliation withthe agency. Our services are open to all personsI wish more adult touched by adoption. adoptees knew about the services that Barker BARKER OFFERS: offers, including a free adult adoptee Group and individual counseling sessions, covereddiscussion group.by insuranceCurrent counseling and discussion groups: - LillyBirth parentAdult adopteesParents of teens and older children Parents of young adultsSearch and reunion servicesFamily and professional trainings, with CEU creditsHeritage/Homeland toursKids events and trainingWe are focused on growing to provide the support needed by all in the adoption circle.2019 2020 2021 3-year changeCounseling Clients 300 704 1,116 +272%Search and Reunion Clients 19 26 28 +47%10BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION'