b"Robert, Patrick and JohnWhen we started our adoption journey, Barker stood out from other agencies with their decades long history and focus on ethics and integrity throughout the adoption process. From the 5 p.m. call on a Monday until Patrick was placed with us that Friday - it was a bit of a whirlwind to get ready to bring him home. He has changed our lives. Nothing has brought us more joy than seeing all of the firsts like his first steps, first trip to Disney World, and the first I love you.Now, at 3 and a half, Patrick's personality is starting to shine through - his laugh is infectious, he loves to play with Legos, and can't spend enough time playing outside.James, Amalia , and ChantahmalyWhen we started the adoption process with Barker on November 2019 our family planted the seed of joy. We knew the process wasnt going to be easy and there would be challenges ahead but through it all we wanted to remember to choose joy. When we were knees deep in paperwork we played our favorite music to remember joy. When the pandemic delayed the process we found joy in new hobbies and home projects. During stressful home studies and initial meetings with Barker we found joy in connecting with the staff and saw our family village get bigger with them! That is why when Amalia came into our lives in 2022 we chose Joy for her middle name and boy does she carry it! Joy was a seed we planted with our adoption and we have been watching it grow ever since. In our hearts, with each other as partners , into our home and through Amalia, the embodiment of joy ripples as we continue to always choose joy in our lives.ANNUAL REPORT 202211"