b"When Adoption Ignites Hope in an Older ChildAt age eight, young Jamieon point. They were verycould make her do anything. had a hard time seeingaccommodating and flexibleThat was all her! says beyond her day-to-day.based on our family andTammy. While in the foster careknew that we could meet her system, she and her siblingsneeds. Barker has alwaysA decade after Jamie was worried, at times, wherebeen there for us whenwelcomed home, she is their next meal would comewe needed them, and fornow in college, studying from. Even at a young age,Jamie too. We cant imaginecriminal justice, and hopes she had little hope sheworking with any otherto become an investigator would graduate from highagency to prepare for ourof crimes against foster school. When she turnedadoption and know we willchildren. She says this ten, her life took a suddenbe supported for a lifetime. became her passion because turn. It was then that JamesBelieving that we nevertwo people chose her and and Tammy ignited hope infelt our work was donegave her the hope she her.once adoption was over,needed. For James and and wanting to help otherTammy, the adoption meant James and Tammyfoster children and families,more than finally having the turned to adoption afterTammy, James, and Jamietitles of mom and dad. It's struggling through 20have participated in manynot just a matter of giving years of failed pregnanciesBarker events over the lastpeople like Tammy and me and unsuccessful fertility10 years, and continue tothe opportunity to start a treatments. On connectingdo so. We will put out asfamily. It's giving Jamie an with Barker, Tammy saidmuch effort as needed. Itopportunity to change the they immediately feltis a gift that we can giveentire course of her life. So comfortable with theirto Barker and prospectivethe return on investment decision to adopt. This isfamilies. They have spokenis a future for a human where we're going to do this;at the pre-adoption trainingsbeing. I mean what better this is where we're going tofor other parents, Projectinvestment can you find our family. Wait No Longer (PWNL)make? says James.Information Meetings, and The family could feelBarkers Annual Adoption &Thank you James, Tammy, Barker right alongsideFoster Care Conference, andand Jamie for all that you them throughout the entiremet 1-on-1 with prospectivedo to support Barker process. Tammy says,families. At the conference,and others interested in Barker exceeded all ofJamie took the mic, inadopting a child in foster our expectations. Theyfront of 60-80 adults, andcare. You are truly here for really listened to us, theycomfortably spoke aboutus and the community, and didnt judge and wereher viewpoint, which was sowe will always be here for all very understanding.important for the adults toyou.Their matching Jamie tohear and very therapeutic our family was completelyfor Jamie. I never would or 12BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION"