b'Ali has been a blessing to me. The first timeWe loved working with the Barker his aunts and uncles met him, they all said hesteam. We felt fully supported such a good fit for the family. Its like hes beenthroughout the entire process. In with us for many years instead of months.particular, our searching specialist Everyone just loves him and vice versa. and home study worker were absolutely the best partners! Adopting through Project Wait Ali No Longer has been a joy for our whole family!Philip"Barker was the starting point for growing our family through adoption. Our lives changed for the better the day our son, Ryan, was born. He is the happiest little guy. His smile and giggle lights up the room wherever he goes, and fills our hearts withRyanhappiness and love." Kahee Life as a family of four is actually going quite well! Kahee has adapted better than we could have possibly imagined. Shes healthy, happy, and learning and growing at an amazing pace. She loves her brother and he takes SUCH good care of her. Sure, she can be a two-year-old (if you catch my drift), but were infinitely grateful that everything were dealing with so far is just normal two-year-old stuff! Thanks again for all of Barkers help to get to this point. Were so very, very happy to have her in our family.ANNUAL REPORT 202213'