b'Making a Difference That You Can SeeAlex Altman Sherman: Donor, Trustee for The Barker Adoption Foundation, Former Barker Staff, Adopted Person and New MomIn describing why Alex Altman Shermanjoy, but its a peaceful joy that you are gives so generously of both donations anddoing something that matters.her time, she says I want to give where itAlex is a living embodiment of the Barker matters, and it really feels like it matters atambition to provide a lifetime of support. In Barker. Im in a position where I am lucky toaddition to her generous financial support be able to give financially, and that has beenof Barker and her work as a trustee on the passed down to me values-wise from myBarker Board, Alex is a previous Barker staff parents and grandparents, that giving backmember, who worked tirelessly to place is so important. I am lucky and privileged tochildren and teens who were in foster care be able to give back, and I want to do thatwith adoptive families through Barkers in places where I know where the moneyProject Wait No Longer. Alex regularly is going and the people it is touching andattends Barker events throughout the year, impacting, and trust that it is being usedsuch as our annual conference, annual well. Thats why it feels so impactful andpicnic, and multiple training events. Barker powerful to make donations to Barker.is profoundly grateful for Alexs passion for Donating to Barker makes a real differencechildren and ethical adoption, and her long-that you can see. term and deep commitment to Barker and its mission. Alex adds, In thinking about the joy of giving, there is so much joy to be had there, to know that you are giving resources, giving money, giving time that matters. It matters to Barker and Barkers mission, to the kids and families that you are impacting with your support. It may not be fireworks kind of Alex with her adoptive family; parents Roger and Jurate, and siblings Nick and Kristina. 14BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION'