b'Our adoption journey has been highlighted by so many Xavierjoyful moments for us as a couple, and now our family of three! We still remember the tears of joy flowing down our faces as we excitedly signed our homestudy paperwork with Barker. Nearly a year later, we received a call from our placement agency while standing underneath the castle at Disneyland. Getting that call and learning that our birth mother chose us at the happiest place on earth was something we couldve never dreamed of. Everything came full circle when our homestudy social worker, Bianchi, met Xavi for the first time when we returned home. She was the greatest source of support and joy for us in the those first few months. And now, thanks in many ways to Barker, we continue to experience the greatest joys of parenthood as we live our lives as a proud family of three.David our son was adopted at 5 weeks through Barker. He is now 17 and will graduate high school in David June. Our journey has been full of joy and all the other emotions that are a part of raising any child.JasonWe are so grateful to everyone who helped bring our family together. Each addition to our family with the adoptions of our daughter in 2017 and then our son in 2022 brought more joy and love. 16BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION'