b'It felt like home again. Barkeradoption, and she got to seeHomeland Tour. I also think has known me my wholeher birth documents. On onethat selfishly, I will uncover life. And it shows they keepof those she saw her birthmore layers, because there their lifelong commitment tomothers handwriting. Sheare always more layers. Those adoptees in the forefront,deserves more than I can givelayers can feel overwhelming, she adds. Sue has been oneher, it read. I want her tobut they are not anything that of my safe people. She sathave the opportunity for a realI cant handle. I can go on in there and listened to meeducation and real family withmy journey, and at any point, and let me do what I neededa lot of love. I want her to haveI know Barker is there to meet to do. I have learned thateverything she needs, and Ime right where I am. our voices matter, that wecant do that for her. adoptees matter. Currently, Lilly is studying That Homeland trip had pulledfor an English as a Second Lillys reunion with her birthLilly out of a funk, helped herLanguage certificate. Her mother was set in motion onmake sense of her life, anddream is to travel and teach an earlier Barker Homelandgave her new motivation toEnglish, and she especially Tour in 2010, her first returnstay connected with Barkerhopes to go back to Colombia. trip to her birth country atand others from the adoptionBarker fosters such an age 16. That trip was lifecircle. Since then, Lilly hasincredible community for changing, says Lilly. The tripgenerously shared her story,all involved. Its so blatantly was all spot on, Barkersmost recently as a panelistobvious that love and support was there, the prepat the 2021 Barker Annualadoptees are at the center of up front was amazing, it wasAdoption & Foster Careall they do. Barker is amazing. smooth all around and veryConference, connected withI love Barker. And we love therapeutic. Im still reallyothers in the Barker Adultyou, Lilly, from Barker Baby close to the group from thatAdoptee Discussion Group,to wise and generous Adult tour.and will be a counselor onAdoptee, teaching us at the 2024 Homeland Tours toeach step with strength and As part of that HomelandColombia and Guatemala.compassion as you continue Tour, Lilly and the groupI want to help others goon your journey. We are so visited FANA, the orphanagethrough their journeys like Ifortunate to know you. that had handled herdid when I was 16 on Barkers Barker Homeland Tour 201016BARKER ADOPTION FOUNDATION'